Saturday, July 30, 2022

Using Port of Entry Supplement Star Ports For The Clement Sector By John Watts, Michael Johnson, & Tony Hicks For Our Shoulder of Orion Campaign

 So last weekend whist looking through Independence Games Port of Entry it occurs to me that what is needed in our current 'Shoulder of Orion' campaign for the Hostile rpg are mobile deployable space bases.What you only thought that Port of Entry was for only the Earth & Clement sector rpg's?! Nope the Independence Games crew designed it with applications in mind; " Port of Entry also includes 11 new character careers as well as two sample starports, several companies and organizations, and a number of example locations.  Also included is a space station design system from Michael Johnson, our starship guru, to allow you to design a station of you own." 

For the Shoulder of Orion these mobile bases will serve to fuel and service the attack ships. Gypsy fighters that move from base to bases making life very difficult for the other corporation's forces. Events have been shaping up to this becoming a full blown war. Let's see how this plays out. 

Port of Entry Supplement Star Ports For The Clement Sector  By John Watts, Michael Johnson, & Tony Hick Is Available Right Here 

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