Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Review & Commentary On #1 Shadow of the Necromancer By Mark Taormino From Dark Wizard Games For Your Old School Campaigns

 "Fear stalks through the darkness of night in the form of the walking dead! They attack innocent travelers and merchant caravans inthe moonlight! Animated skeletons have also been seen digging up the recently dead and carrying them into the nearby ruins of an old abandoned keep!"

" Rumor spreads fast from lip to ear amongst the locals, whispering that a sinister hooded figure has been seen
directing the undead and is taking up residence in that foul dungeon! Your stalwart group of adventurers has decided to take on this
challenge, get the treasure you know is in there and defeat this evil menace known only as the Shadow of the Necromancer!"


 #1 Shadow of the Necromancer By Mark Taormino is a perfectly suited  is designed for using 4-8 characters of levels 1 to 3. The party should consist of Fighters, Clerics, Magic Users, &  Thieves when tackling the  #1 Shadow of The Necromancers adventure. #1 Shadow of The Necromancers is fifteen pages long which makes this a mini adventure. 
#1 Shadow of The Necromancers worth your time?! Malicous Dreadmore is the type of necromancer whom the old school D&D adventurers were made from. He's a practicing necromancer of an evil disposition who wants to control, master, and use the forces of the undead for his benefit. And he's targetting the local populations with the intent of creating even more of the undead. Malicous Dreadmore however was killed by the locals to the lay with the dead. 
But over the last year or so he's come back into the lives of the locals making 
#1 Shadow of the Necromancer part adventure & part dungeon crawl. In point of fact, #1 Shadow of the Necromancer By Mark Taormino  could be used as a prelude to establishing Malicous Dreadmore as a minion to the dread vampire queen of the Hanging Coffins of the Vampire Queen. Thus looping every event back into a campaign timeline. 

This is an adventure that can be played over several sessions. The layout is solid, the artwork very well done, the cartography well exacuted and the encounters within #1 Shadow of the Necromancer deadly. 
#1 Shadow of the Necromancer is perfect for a one or two session Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition mini campaign jump off point. 

#1 Shadow of the Necromancer By Mark Taormino has all of the hallmarks for an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition jump off point. Easy to use, deadly, with dynamic well written encounters, nasty monsters, fablous treasures and an easy to use hook to lure in unspecting players! 

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