Tuesday, July 19, 2022

OSR Commentary - The Hostile rpg & Space Hunter Adventurers In The Forbidden Zone

So tonight has been a revisiting the Hostile rpg books both setting & rules while thumbing through the setting book. It lists the above average grade 'B' film 'Space Hunter Adventures in the Forbidden Zone'. Space Hunter came out in 1983 & as an Eighties kid I believe I wore out the VHS tape on this film as a kid. 
So tonight we rewatched 'Spacehunter Adventures In The Forbidden Zone' & it's still a blast but what does this film have to do with Hostile?! A bit of everything because of the fact that in the Hostile has been expanding it's line with titles such as Colony Builder. 

And Colony Builder showcases exactly what can go wrong with a terraformed world. Does Space Hunter have connections to say Blade Runner, Alien, or even a film like Outland?! Nothing but the production has the same 'lived in working man' mid tier Science Fiction. And rewatching Space Hunter it might as well be the post child film of what can go wrong with a interstellar colony on an E type world. 
For Hostile Space Hunter represents another stab at a world that might appear have history that could be shoehorned into a retrofuture campaign. Personally I would have loved to seen more of Nikki & Wolf's adventures across the galaxy in another Space Hunter film. That being said hyperspace routes could easily lead to places that should not be visited. Especially given hyperspacial routes within Hostile according to it's author;"First manned mission was in 2150, but interstellar drones began mapping routes from 2120. I need to get a history together for free distribution!" Yes, yes, you do Paul but that being said there's several factors that still up point to Hostile's connection with Space Hunter. All of the aliens encountered by Wolff & Niki are actually humans modified to live in extreme enviroments. From the bat people to the Amazons who worship the native dragon like monster these are all types that we see not in Hostile but in it's side rpg  game Zaibatsu! A hundred years or so primitive efforts with Retrogenics  the corporation  have perfected retroactive DNA modification as an experiment in terraforming & colonization efforts. 

'Space Hunter Adventures In The Forbidden Zone''s events are not  the exception in the Hostile rpg universe but the norm. Normal working class stiffs who get sucked into the universe as adventurers & freebooters without exception. 

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