Sunday, July 24, 2022

Black Guard Mini Campaign Session Update - New York City Monsters Powered By The SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Core Rules by Bloat Games

 Wretchploitation quick start rules is solid set to get the players involved in an OSR game. And we've been talking about using a Wretchploitation as a backbone system with other B/X powered OSR titles. This is going to pick up from yesterday's blog entry here. 

When it comes to deciding where & when to set an OSR  campaign is this one of the most important parts of the process. Take for example our experiences with the Wretched OSR titles from the Red Room  which have been floating around.  New York City 1970's doesn't seem like a set up for a home base but it's perfectly aligned for an OSR powered 70's occult & adventure driven campaign. 

We've played through two different mini campaigns already using Bloat Games SURVIVE THIS!!  Shadows Hide - Core Rules. The 'Devil's Affair' which takes place in Chipping Sodbury & the cults of Asmodeus in 1977. The 'Black Guard' have taken on vampires before in 1974 in the middle of New York City's alleyways. They managed to recover a 'wild vampire' for their employers and a very nice bonus in their coffers. 

What the players didn't expect was a group of cultists, an evil cleric, & five zombies against the 'Blackguard'. Things began going badly for our party & then they got help from three of our regular players who were in town. The new party consisted of an Brice Talbot an Elven hitman, McGaint a Half Orge gangster, Mick McPhreen a Dwarven heavy who just blew in from Elsewhere. They were generated using Mark Hunt's B/X Gangbuster rules. 

Brice Talbot an Elven hitman, McGaint a Half Orge gangster, & Mick McPhreen a Dwarven heavy were all a part of our pre WWII mini campaign. We've now got a 6th level vampire cleric in the service of Asmodeus who escaped. Thanks to James Mishler Games Vampire Class the NPC managed to hold off and deal with 9 player's PC's. The PC's did manage to grab a magic item do dad or two for their troubles. But now they have to identify them. And their wizard is going to have a good time with the research. 

Right now the player's PC's are licking their wounds, laying low from the cops, and figuring out their next move. 

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