Saturday, July 2, 2022

OSR Campaign & Adventure Commentary - B1 In Search of the Unknown By Mike Carr Remix With SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City & WWII: Operation WhiteBox By Peter C. Spahn Session Report II


This blog entry is going to pick right up from yesterday's right here. So the player's PCs last night in the first part of the mini Con got far more then they were expecting in B1 In Search of the Unknown By Mike Carr Remix 1939 pre WWII game. They came upon the mangled remains of a G.I. Robot & then the magic mouth's kicked in;" The east mouth speaks first, in a booming voice: "WHO DARES ENTER THIS PLACE AND INTRUDE UPON THE SANCTUARY OF ITS INHABITANTS?" After but a moment, and drowning out any attempted reply by the party, comes the reply from the west mouth: "ONLY A GROUP OF FOOLHARDY EXPLORERS DOOMED TO CERTAIN DEATH!" Then both mouths will shout in unison, "WOE TO ANY WHO PASS THIS PLACE-THE WRATH OF ZELLIGAR AND ROGAHN WILL BE UPON THEM!" " 

Our party's gadgeteer started to repair the  G.I. Robot which was actually Jason's replacement PC. And for balance most of his weapon's systems were out of ammo. But Jason rolled to adapt his systems and could use any ammo his PC's ran across. And that's when the PC's ran into the bodies of fellow adventurers who then came to life. These are zombies under the control of the nine kings buried in the lowest levels of the dungeon. Some machine gun fire made short work of the zombies but PC's were convinced that there were Nazi alive deeper in the dungeons of  Quasqueton. we're  using a lot of gear & options from  OWB001: WWII: Operation WhiteBox By Peter C. Spahn

But so are the bad guys & the PC's took machine gun fire as they entered deeper into the first level of the complex ! And the players called time out as there should not have been any Nazi alive?! So how did the Nazi get deeper into the complex of Quasqueton?! That's when the PC's heard the familar laughter of  Sturmbannführer Hoffrichter and  his vampiric  SS Troopers!  And that's when the players put it together. They left Sturmbannführer Hoffrichter staked out for the sun. That's when the players met Steven Hoffrichter (brother to Sturmbannführer Hoffrichter0   the necromancer & cultist along with his rat like familiar Herr Colin. Cue Reanimator theme music here! One of the players remarked that he hates the Hoffrichter family! 
Steven Hoffrichter has some very distinct advantages with his bevey of mutant animal troops both living & dead waiting for the PC's! This is all thanks to the weird science of  SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Into The Sewers!. This title goes deeply into adding in a huge variety of Anthropomorph options. 
There also a surprise villain coming up in tomorrow's game! Stay tuned! 

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