Tuesday, July 5, 2022

OSR Review & Commentary On ' We Hunted the Promethean' "The Pay What You Want " lair encounter From Oswald For Your Old School Games

 "A level 2-4 lair encounter written for generic OSR d&d. 

A minor deity lives in the ruins. Inside are clues to humanities origins and a confrontation with a degraded and insane creature.

Tonight's the night you fight your father!"

 'We Hunted the Promethean' 'pay what you want lair encounter From Oswald that clocks in at nine pages. 'We Hunted the Promethean' is a low level very primeval lair encounter for old school Dungeons & Dragons style games. We got a chance to play this on the Fourth as a part of our mini Con &  'We Hunted the Promethean'  isn't a half bad little adventure.  'We Hunted the Promethean' has a very simple lower tier adventure for a Sword & Sorcery campaign. And the adventure starts with a rumor table then dives right into the lair encounter itself. 
Our thieves had a nasty time of  'We Hunted the Promethean'  because this is a straight up non pretenious adventure that focuses on the brutal aspects of it's old school roots right out of the gate. 
 'We Hunted the Promethean' does exactly what it says on the tin providing the DM with everything they need to dive the players right into the mix. And we found this rumor carved into the side of the mountain nearby it's prison; "Grandfather fought it for 10 hours. The sky smiled upon him but the creature stole from him the favor of the sun. O’ with that favor, its wounds did heal before my fathers fathers eyes. For 20 years we held its severed arm, a trophy of hope, before its minions came to steal it back again. The creature can be killed. It can be wounded. " 
From here ' We Hunted the Promethean' went down hill for us. I don't wanna spoil the surprises but needless to say that ' We Hunted the Promethean' could easily be a Lamentations of the Flame Princess Carcosa adventure encounter. There's enough variety within the mix where ' We Hunted the Promethean' could be added into a Adventurer,Conqueror, King desert or wasteland adventure setting as a type of lair encounter without little issue. ' We Hunted the Promethean' could also work as a one shot encounter for a Stars Without Numbers rpg mid level encounter. This could open the doors for more questions then answers. 

' We Hunted the Promethean' "The Pay What You Want " lair encounter From Oswald

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