Saturday, July 23, 2022

Goblinoid Games Blues - Creating the Wretched Elsewhere campaignscape

So let's pick this right up from yesterday's blog entry here. So with Goblinoid Games almost completely ceasing operations, it was inevitable that we started talking about Goblinoid Games OSR titles. And about 90% of those titles are actually open game content. My mind drifts back to Apes Victorious

And the fact Avalidad makes reference to mutants as criminals & weird outcast citizens. And my mind keeps returning to the underdweller PC class. The underdwellers in Apes Victorious have it going on. They have high levels of dimensional gate technologies, energy weapons, and know how the Ancients technology functions. Underdwellers in the Mutant Future rpg according to Rpg Pub forum member Klibbix! appear as folllows:


Class: Mutant Human

Mutations: Albinism, Telepathy, Mental Phantasm

But what happens if we take the underdwellers out of their Apes Victorious & Planet of the Apes setting. And bring them over into Avalidad. They become another mutant faction in a world where mutantkind are a reality. But why are they so reviled?!  Because of the fact that many of the mutantkind running around the world of 2088 or so are artificially created. And this is also true of Mutant Future where over the years I've run a soft post apocalptyic landscape which feels more like Cyberpunk or Bio punk then anything else. 

The post apocalpytic world of my campaigns is called Elsewhere a place that exists as dimensional anomoly. Elsewhere is the Thundarr the Barbarian world that seems to be a wasteland of mankind's future but isn't. Instead Elsewhere is a nightmare fueled hellscape where mankind is sliding to extinction, mutantkind is on the rise, and this dimension crossover to future Earth. And the fact is that no one notices this. Elsewhere is actually one of the prisons of the Great Old Ones & the Outer Gods but it's also the source for many artifacts from Realms of Crawling Chaos. Elsewhere is also the home of wizards, warlocks, & sorcerers who make bargains with the Lovecraftian entities for occult power & ulitmately themselves mutate. 
And Elsewhere is also the home of Orcs, Elfs, etc. who cross over into the world to become gangsters, thieves, etc. all in an effort to carve out their place on Earth. Needless to say that for that we've used  
Labyrinth Lord: Revised Edition & the Advanced Companion . And these two Goblinoid Games titles are easy as pie to use with Mark Hunt's B/X Gangbusters edition to create the gangs to really screw with player's PC's. 

Now for the record Elsewhere has apekind as well but it's not clear who or what created them. They frequently appear within gangs, as criminal king pins, honest business men, etc. 

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