Sunday, July 17, 2022

OSR Commentary & Session Report II - Military Action At The Shoulder of Orion Using Synthetics By Shawn Fisher, & Paul Elliott From Zozer Games For The Hostile rpg

 I'm just getting back from the weekend's Hostile game part II, you can read part one here.  Our PC's consciouses were back loaded into new clone bodies  by the company. And we're found ourselves in Starlifter Module shuttle down to the surface of some nameless moon within the  'The Shoulder of Orion'  at Mu Orionis. 

Soldier 3525 was a part of the Adam Project section III. And we were going up against a unit of combat androids who were a part of a rival mercenary company. Gemini IV is a Mars like world with very little atmosphere & what is there is a poison cocktail of rare gases . We were looking to secure a square patch of mountainside military base & the base's transponder. 
Things moved along until we met the local alien wildlife that appeared to be part crab, part giant spider, and a very bad attitude. These things bounded from their underground lairs & took out two of our number.This time I didn't die. But Hostile's Rpg system can be brutal! We scambled up the mountainside because of low gravity & landed in powered milk for sand. We had to bounce & slog our way through the lower part of the mountain. 
And that's when we came under fire from the combat androids. And we hit cover as fast as we could and had to do a quick sweep of the area picking off four combat andies. The  Starlifter Module shuttle came in low & the door gunner got three of the others on fort's left side. An incoming missile almost got our ride back ship side! 

We got a chance to see ship to planet side weapons in action during this game! As  kinetic bombardment weapons rained down on the planetside of Gemini IV from the orbiting space craft! Huge swaths of the local countryside were gone in an instant. And the base full of the andies is still there! What will happen from here?! 

Once again I got a chance to step away from behind the DM's screen & jump into an on going game. We were soldier clones this time & we didn't put much thought into the characters per say. They were combat clones & therefore expendable at most. But what is over riding is getting into that fort and securing that transponder! While the game action was going on was the fact that some corporate  generals & businessmen were sitting in their distant ship. Bastards  controlling the military action like chess players controlling the lives of the androids & clones in a military action they have no say in.  

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