Thursday, July 7, 2022

Blackguard One Shot Game Adventure Session Report - Hostile Setting & Stars Without Number Rpg Revised One Shot

So over on the fourth of July holiday we got a chance to play in a ton of games as well as DM some solid entries in our annual mini Con. Mini Con is a private convention  when a ton of us get together for a private Con up here in the Northwestern corner of Connecicut. It was a pretty good turnout for four days of gaming & socializing over the Fourth of July long weekend.  Wayback on Monday Feb 7th I wrote about doing a Hostile Setting & Stars Without Number Rpg Revised One Shot on this blog. You can read about the set up here on the blog.  The Blackguard are the public domain version of the warheads who are mercenaries who work for the evil Blackguard corporation front  retrieving technologies, magic, etc . 

The set up goes like this;"  the Blackguard  PC's are created using SWN Revised and the Hostile rpg setting book. Complications come from the Hostile setting book. And your pretty much ready to rock & roll. Planar Holes are holes within hyperspace linking between two points naturally. These planar holes occur naturally linking locations within time, space, and even different dimensions'. 

Using the Hostile setting book the PC's ported onto a rock in the middle of noplace squared space or so they though . In actuality it was a very different sorta of a rock and one that sported the ruins of a strange giant black ship?! This alien asteriod held a lot more then the PC's were bargaining for as they came face to face with several slippery toad like things who tried to manhandle the PC's & capture them! What the PC's had come face to face with were the alien Moonbeasts from H.P. Lovecraft's The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath based on  Gregorius21778's blog.
 entry here. Two of the PC's lost their lives as the hold person spells from the Moonbeasts took them! They didn't make their saves and were taken into the wreck for a fate worse then death! 

There was a nasty fire fight & the PC's were able to recover several ruby bracelets but they have no idea of what value they are nor their enchantment. These are for the corporate mages to divine! 

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