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Legend of the Dutchman - The Hostile Rpg & Dragon Magazine issue #51 A Part Of The Military Action At The Shoulder of Orion

 This post is going to pick right back up from this blog entry here So today DM Steve came over to help out with putting some air conditioners in at Casa De Fabiaschi and since he's one of the players in our  'The Shoulder of Orion' campaign. I let it slip between beers that the Dutchman had been sighted  within the  'The Shoulder of Orion'  at Mu Orionis. Now Steve goes outside and calls everyone to tell them. What they don't know is that a hundred years has passed at 'The Shoulder of Orion' due to  time dilation. The crew of the Einstein a Rockwell Harbinger is made up of veterans of 'The Shoulder of Orion' conflict  And whom DM Steve is a part of is now on their way to the Dutchman. And it's simply another angle to the 'The Shoulder of Orion' battles which to current game is current events. But to the crew of the Einstein is hundred year old history. But who cares about 100 year old information?! 

Remember Carter Burke from Aliens the guy who got the wild cat miners killed? He was acting on Ripley's intelligence about the Space Jockey ship looking for his big payday. And the crew of the Einstein is no different except there's a lot more going on here. That ship has information on a whole array of unexplored planetary systems out on the bleeding edge of space. 
But there are other interested parties in the Dutchman including the Space Force. So it's going to be a question of who get's to it first. And then there's the question of the computers aboard the Dutchman. These were taken specifically from Dragon magazine issue #51's article 'In Defense of the Computer' by  Paul Montgomery Crabaugh. Why use an ancient Traveller article!?  Because I want the players to have to deal with 100 year old technology that will cause headaches! 

Crew Expendable features  the Rockwell Harbinger & for the crew of the Einstein this ship has been home for over a year now. And it's a tight little family of a crew that has deep connections to 'The Shoulder of Orion' campaign setting. Two of the crew are synethitcs for the eight man crew and are obsolete combat andies. The captain is also a veteran of the Adam program who mustered out with a Harbinger in his background. The others have a stake in the Dutchman as well for varying reasons. Will the Dutchman's A.I. know about the Einstein?! Most likely with the various sensors on board. 
The legend of the Dutchman blew up with the players making up rumors about the survey ship. Here's ten rumors about the Dutchmen: 

  1. The Dutchman has been in hyperspace longer then any other survey ship & has been to otherside of the galaxy or else where. 
  2. Hell rides with the Dutchman & to see it is bad luck & you will die in 10 days from the sighting. 
  3. There are aliens watching the Dutchman and it's now spying on the human race watching for what we're going to next. 
  4. Time runs funny around the Dutchman & she can yank a ship right outta of hyperspace.
  5. The Dutchman is home to a radical terrorist organization or cult that worships some dark alien menace only they know about. 
  6. Treasure flows in the hold of the Dutchman her captain made a deal with the Devil.
  7. Anyone who comes in contact with the data from the Dutchman's computers goes mad! 
  8. A family of corporate heads has secrets in the Dutchman's computers that they want hidden & they'll kill anyone who finds out their secrets. 
  9. The whole starship is now a living alien thing that plies the space ways for starships to consume them whole! 
  10. Aliens are now in control of that ship and she sails the damned winds of alien stars to see her is death! 


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