Friday, July 29, 2022

Black Guard Mini Campaign Session Update - Escape Frpm Avalidad Powered By The SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Core Rules by Bloat Games

 This picks up right from the last session report here.  So the Blackguard PC's actually were able to duck Zonetec operatives and exit Joes through the back. They found themselves half way across the planet at that point. Someplace in South East Asia right near a giant bill board. As a matter of fact this one! The players are freaked out because we've started using the  Wretched New Flesh Postcards from Avalidad Quick Start,  things are coming full circle quickly again. 

The PC's went back to the diner where a weedy little man named Bill “The Stick” McKay made contact with em. They agreed to pay him cash to get them outta of the middle of the South East Asia city where other Zone Tec agents are operating outta of.  Bill however is a bit of a greedy bastard of a driver & shook down two of the other PC's. Being in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar doesn't help the party at all. Bill seems to speak the language & is driving a non descript 1920's truck. 

Bill drove em to the coast & got paid. They paid him a bit extra so he didn't double cross them. 
The players seemed really happy that they've made it to a beautiful resort. The party decided to take a day by the beach & recover. A beautiful nearby hotel seemed very inviting and when they went in the hotel manager greeted them by name. The party went to pay for the rooms but it seems that their employer had already paid for the rooms?! No matter, the players were puzzled but hadn't figured out what was going on. After relaxing for a few hours, recharing in the sun, and getting some decent food in their bellies. The players decided to swim & head into town to re-equip. So after another day of game time it was time to move forward. That's when the first zombies began to show up about noon the next day! And the news reports from SNN came over the hotel's lounge again. 

That's right the party was back in the back half of the time loop of the Red Room's Resort of the Dead! And the players were pissed! After a night of dice rolls to make contact with the black market, make contacts with the local thieves guild, and assassins guild. It was all for not as the zombies began to pour in! 
The SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Core Rules by Bloat Games came in handy as the PC's began blowing the Hell outta of the beach front property! 

Can they survive the time jumps and the zombies?! We shall find out because the players are determined to survive at all costs! 

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