Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Strong Medicine on International E.Gary Gygax Day - Is This My Exit From The New Hartford DM's Network?!

 Today's E. Gary Gygax day & it's hitting me that I really need to get back to the creative well of my gaming. I've been a part of a network of DM's in New Hartford. Which has been a fall back after my own game hit the skits. It's been good, I get a network of DM's & a support system of good friends allowing me to step away from behind the DM's screen & play for a change. But today's it's hitting me hard. But the fact is that these are not my own players but they are friends. And this makes it hard because DM Steve allowed me some time to get back on the horse with his players. But at the end of the day these are his people.

Need to make my own way in the hobby. Grab some new players and make other friends as well in New Hartford. At fifty two this isn't an easy decision on my own part. Does one take the risk or remain comfortable where one is?! 

So my wife & I are talking it over tonight, there are decisions to be made. And is this my time for an exit after two or is it three years?! 
It struck me meeting up with a fellow DM for coffee today. It's time like this when one is too stuck knee deep in a comfort zone that maybe it's time for a challenge & change. Maybe this is my take away from E.Gary Gygax 2022, it was a damn fine cuppa tea & to catch up with DM Paul as well as Steve. 

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