Thursday, July 14, 2022

Review & Commentary On 'The Broken Nail' By The Great Lestrade For The Hyperborea Rpg

"There is a land beyond the north wind. In those lands and seas is an island chain hooking a southern claw across the Dagon Bay. Known as the Finger and its Broken Nail Islands they are said to hold the buried treasures of Hyperborean civilisation from time immemorial."

 The_Great_Lestrade on the Hyperborea forums put out a free campaign  & adventure encounters write up called 'The Broken Nail' for the Hyperborea Rpg.
The_Great_Lestrade generous provided a fully fleshed out mini campaign; " I wrote up my last campaign notes into a free module (see google drive link). Its formatted in word with my limited skills but is hopefully understandable.

I'd welcome any feedback on it. Some parts have been play tested other not, as is the case with sandbox adventures."  You can down load this module here:

 The author is  looking for feed back for 'The Broken Nail' which reads as part island crawl, dungeon adventure and has the 'Weird Tales' volume up to eleven.
'The Broken Nail' has has all of the makings of a great campaign. 'The Broken Nail' is a part sea going campaign includes: random sea encounters, dangerous weather, & Lovecraftian pirates! 
Each of the islands in the island crawl section has a multiple room dungeon that is lethal. And there's some really inventive dungeons here. 

'The Broken Nail' By The Great Lestrade is perfect to drop into an existing Hyperborea campaign setting.  And  works well as mid tier mini campaign that takes full advantage of the 'Weird Tales' adventure elements in Hyperborea rpg. Do I think that 'The Broken Nail' is worth the download?! Well like any other great Sword & Sorcery campaigns  'The Broken Nail' it's a work in progress. And with the right group of players this campaign would rock! Play pirates, rogues of the sea, adventurers who will raid, pillage, & exploit erm explore their way across this little section of Hyperborea. 

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