Saturday, July 2, 2022

OSR Review & Commentary of The Sexual Holocaust Adventure By Miguel Ribeiro, Sílvia Clemente, & Joe Coombs For The Wretchploitation role-playing game From The Red Room

 "The scenario takes place in a fictional town, Hammettville, located in the surrounding area of a large metropolis - such as New York -, known among its inhabitants as Crime City, and it should be set from the early 1970s to mid-1980s, as those decades are more in line with the kind of horror movie being emulated."

As with every other Red Room scenario, this is a sandbox-style adventure with enough information and plot seeds to last from a one-shoot to a small campaign. Sexual Holocaust includes pregens and player handouts, so it can be run without much preparation."

The Sexual Holocaust Adventure By Miguel Ribeiro, Sílvia Clemente, & Joe Coombs is basically a love letter to the Eighties European horror films and this includes the early Clive Barker Hellraiser films. And in point of fact The Sexual Holocaust adventure could be viewed as a love letter to Clive Barker's literature & films  across the board. There's also a sub genre of European horror  films known as Giallo. Reading through 'Sexual Holocaust' there's a different vibe as a part of the undercurrent here.  And in point of fact adventure feels like if  a combination of the film 'Seven' & 'Hellraiser' had a child then 'The Sexual Holocaust' would be the wretched child.
And that's the fact that The Sexual Holocaust adventure wears it Pulp roots on it's sleeve. This is especially true of the 'Spicy Pulps' of the 1920's & 1930's even though 'The Sexual Holocaust' takes place in the early Eighties or even today. 

And even though 'The Sexual Holocaust' adventure takes place during the Eighties it could with a bit of work be transported to the 1930's.  The lay out for 'The Sexual Holocaust'  is solid, the fonts are readable, etc. 
'The Sexual Holocaust' is a rather nasty adventure that draws its party into a sexual horror  adventure that has happened but is still on going which is going to draw your party into it. The NPC's are well drawn & very 3 dimensional. And these are not people that you really want to invite to Sunday dinner. Instead these are folks who are at the center of demonic activity and debauchery. 
'The Sexual Holocaust' is one of those modern adventures that I'd say lends itself to an urban setting more then any other. So we're looking at London, New York City, Los Angeles, etc. Basically anywhere with an unhealthy amount of a demonic worshiping subcultures & cults. Where the knowledge of the supernatural is a part of the modern landscape. Now I haven't run this adventure.. yet but for the  Wretchploitation role-playing game 'The Sexual Holocaust fits the bill in spades. This isn't an adventure for the kiddies at all! And not for some adults to say the least. 'The Sexual Holocaust' is an adventure that will have ramifications for a horror campaign for years to come. 'The Sexual Holocaust' is going to take more then a few sessions & for a DM who knows how to spin the adventure it could be used as a mini mid level campaign. Expect a high body count with this one! 

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