Saturday, July 9, 2022

Review & OSR Commentary On Resort of the Dead By Miguel Ribeiro, Sílvia Clemente, & Joe Coombs For The Wretchploitation Rpg

 "All around, there are pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, lovely cafes and restaurants, drunken Brits, sunburnt,(nearly overcooked, Germans, and obnoxious American tourists complaining, in broken Spanish, to the lazy-ass Portuguese manager about some minor issue, such as the room's TV set not working properly during the Armageddon. We do understand Spanish, by the way, but it's not our native language. Just to make that clear!"

The free Torralba Resort Brochure (Resort of the Dead handout)
 came in very handy in tonight's game.

"Anyway, we are here to provide you with the perfect spot to be killed by zombies. Well, not that perfect; the Torralba resort has seen much better days. But at least it's cheap. However, we'll screw you over the restaurant bill, and watch out for those cab drivers, too; they'll rip you off. Welcome to sunny Portugal, have fun being devoured by the undead hordes.
You'll have the time of your (u)nlife!"

Resort of the Dead By Miguel Ribeiro, Sílvia Clemente, & Joe Coombs  is a zombie apocalypse waiting to happen or to be sprung on your OSR campaigns as needed. Resort of the Dead is actually laid out for The Wretchploitation Rpg. but it works very hard as a decent OSR zombie adventure. And its vicious little OSR horror romp. And dropping the PC's into the horror mix waiting to happen  was interesting from a DM perspective. As the play was interesting as the player's PC's were figuring out the rumors about the cocaine, & the gold within the hotel's vaults ( this is my invention but it moved things along quick). 

 Resort of the Dead takes the zombie end of the world adventure into a beach front adventure with lots of other undead besides the hordes of the undead. Mutated hell spawn can be randomly encountered by the PC's in this fifty three page adventure. Resort of the Dead is a mid level adventure because of three factors:1. The amount of NPC's that the players can interact with or who will fall victim to the zombification later on,2. The expansive mini campaign setting that is Resort of the Dead, & 3. the amount & variety of undead that the PC's will be facing. 
Resort of the Dead has a high recycle factor for OSR adventuring & this is born out by the fact that this adventure could also be used to introduce new NPC's from 
The Wretchploitation Rpg into other OSR games. A fact that was sprung on me in  the middle of Resort of the Dead when a replacement PC was simply inserted as another guest quite easily.  Something else that occurred to me tonight running Resort of the Dead tonight is the fact it would be quite easy to use the module in other OSR setting such as Goblinoid Games Mutant Future rpg. Why?! Because right after the zombie apocalpyse starts mutations could easily start happening by whatever triggered the undead state of the world. Even if the campaign setting  in Resort of the Dead happened to the world and we move ten years down the road. The set up could work with zombies & mutants on the same world. Personally after running Resort of the Dead I think it's well worth the four dollar download. 

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