Monday, July 11, 2022

The Advanced Dungeons & Dragons First Edition Fiend Folio As Post Apocalpytic Undead Campaign Fodder

 So after the weekend's zombie  superhero  fiasco game which went rather well for being last minute four dollar pick up. OSR thoughts  have been swirling around my head after one of the players said something about claiming the hotel as their domain for the party. The fact that we haven't done Sword & Caravan yet is because of the fact that it's a huge sprawling campaign & we're still toying with the setting. There are a lot of moving parts & pieces to the campaign setting. That's a good thing. But post apocalpytic domain play is another matter entirely. It  was very interesting because of the fact that the hotel was mostly a zombie wasteland. There are several OSR thoughts that are rattling around my head and this has to do with the zombies in our game. Zombies are one thing but when a zombie apocalypse happens the undead index of that world is going to go through the roof. And in classic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons this points to the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Fiend Folio. Why the Fiend Folio?! Because many of the monsters within it are easily popped right into a post apocalpytic old school or OSR game. There are a ton of undead that would fit right into an apocalpytic world especially the undead. 

Now according to this Dragon foot thread by Geoffrey from 2007; "Here are the eleven monsters that are undead in the Fiend Folio:

coffer corpse
death knight
sheet ghoul
sheet phantom
skeleton warrior
son of Kyuss

Here is a note from Don Turnbull, the editor of the Fiend Folio:

"The Eye of Fear and Flame is not undead. If it were, it would be on the undead table (page 115). Nor is the Crypt Thing an undead monster. In neither case does the text leave any doubt--and even if it did, the undead table would resolve the matter." (from p. 10 of Dragon #55, Nov. 1981)"
The fact that there high level unead that are completely unturnable is one of those things that should exist in the Grand Game; "
Death Knights and Skeleton warriors should turn as liches. As they are basically antipaladin lich and fighter lich respectively." 
Death Knights & Skeleton warriors could be the generals of a horde of undead that have come to take out the living. These horrors along with their abilities from the Fiend Folio intact could scare even hardened veteran players. 
Thinking of other OSR supplements James Mishler Games Ghosts might also be an excellent addition with lots of varied ghostly undead to add into the mix. But we're getting way ahead of ourselves here. 

According to our players the zombies might only be the start of the undead plague and they've been talking among themselves as to how to prepare. Bare in mind that none of this has been planned but the players extraploated these conclusions on their own. 

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