Friday, July 15, 2022

OSR Commentary & Session Report - Military Action At The Shoulder of Orion Using Synthetics By Shawn Fisher, & Paul Elliott From Zozer Games For The Hostile rpg

 Tonight I got a chance to play in a quick one shot military mini adventure that happens At 'The Shoulder of Orion' which took place at Mu Orionis. Our group of synethic soldiers was to secure a quadruple starsystem which held the beginnings of a naturally occuring "wormhole's throat. "


And what is Mu Orionus? Well according to its Wiki Entry; "μ Orionis (Latinised to Mu Orionis, abbreviated to μ Ori or Mu Ori) is a quadruple star system[6] in the constellation Orion, similar to Mizar and Epsilon Lyrae with combined visual magnitude of 4.13. The four stars are known as Mu Orionis Aa, Mu Orionis Ab, Mu Orionis Ba, and Mu Orionis Bb. The A and B systems are several tenths of an arcsecond apart. The entire system is located approximately 150 light years from the Sun."

Every mega block corporation became embroiled in this interstellar police action. It was discovered that a naturally occuring "wormhole's throat" allowed a starship to only consume half of its fuel for hyperspacial jumps between sectors. The Shoulder of Orion allows these ships to move to the universal jump gate of 'Tannhauser Gate'. The Shoulder of Orion acts as branch of the sub reality of hyperspace that Tannhauser Gate represents. He who controls both the Shoulder of Orion & Tannhauser Gate controls a good deal of the traffic to other systems. Needless to say every corporation even those without stakes rushed their own super soldiers into the action. 

Needless to say that we were playing synthetic super soldiers & things did not go as planned. Our unit landed planet side on some god forsaken rock in the middle of no place squared and my PC bit it within the first two minutes of combat by automated machine gun defenses! In point of fact in tonight's game it was a total party kill because the dice were completely and utterly against us. 
We simply rolled up characters & went into the situation with little intel as posssible. The mission was simple secure this rock of a planet for the corp and wait further instructions if you encounter resistence then destory the enemy. The fact that we were in point of fact cogs for the machine didn't matter to us. All in all it was a great set up and the chance to play combat synethics was a welcome change for us. 

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