Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nerve Worms - Offspring From The Memory Realm

Nerve Worms - Offspring From The Memory Realm

No. Enc.: 1d20
Alignment: Neutral
Move: 120'(40’)
Armor Class: 9
Hit Dice: 1
Attacks: 2
Damage: 1d4 (plus special)
Morale: 6

Each scientist, sorcerer, mage, wizard, & master of the powers from beyond never wants his knowledge & techiques to fade away back into the great beyond of experience. For those whom immortality, Lichdom, undeath, & the other myriad ways to cheat death aren't full proof enough there is another way. 
The member of the occult sciences & powers summons the Nerve Worms of  The Memory Realm a sub plane of the great akashic records themselves where the universal knowledge of all is carried to those moving through the great cycle. These worms are able to take all knowledge of a person of power & become an exact copy of  the skills & knowledge of that person. A sort of three dimensional hologram in time & space. These worms are able to hold thousands of such copies within their quisi - material mental forms. A skill roll within the planar sciences is needed to access this knowledge. Further if a clone is prepared the worm's genetic material may be used to recreate a wizard into the world of the living. Further if a combination of super science abilities & forbidden twisted black alchemy is used a person's very essence may be recalled from beyond the grave. The person may not be any sort of undead however otherwise the process will not work! 
The Offspring From The Memory Realm are born in the billions & can also be used as potent weapon in the hands of an alchemist of the pirate worlds. The worm is summoned as normal & the target is remote viewed. The summoner makes a skill roll & draws the victim's mind from his body. The worm astrally bites the victim who is given a saving throw vs death or is drawn into the memory realm as the worm copies the knowledge base of the victim! The worm will not save the knowledge after an attack as the knowledge is drawn back into the pool of the memory realm & then into akashic records  themselves. 
Those who abuse the worms will face a mother overseer from the Memory realm & may be subject to a mental wipe that will leave the person a drooling idiot. 
 There are a few merchants of mental tools & powers who sell these worms for implantation & lacing. The user may access some powers randomly from time to time but the level & sustained abilities are sketchy &chaotic at best. The worms must be changed every 9 months or they will begin their process of reproduction. The process does 1d4 points of damage  & involves eating their way out of the cranium of the user after draining all the cranial fluid from the head. The person is left a drool wretch at the end of this process unless a save vs poison is rolled.  
 Nerve worm trafficking is crime punishable by super science mind wipe & full genome wipe. The worms are considered a disgrace  to the gods themselves within the Human Empire! Over use of these creatures may result in the gods stepping in themselves give the proper circumstances. Here's why Akashic_records

Welcome to thought space where you can remember it forever ! 

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