Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Good Space Ship Fairies


No. Enc.: 1d10,000 (As swarm rules)
Alignment: Lawful
Move: 120'(40’)
Armor Class: 9
Hit Dice: 1
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1d4 (plus special)
Morale: 9
Those who fly deep space have reportedly been helped by a cloud of  intelligent nano machines that cruise through hyperspace & deliver them often the jaws of death itself! 
Enemy ships are over whelmed & destroyed, the wounded are mended & the spacer's ships made hold. There is only an old radio signal communicated  & some basic instructions in Old Galactic but little else. The legend of the good space fairies was born. Human & near human alike was given aid & nothing in return was asked. Yet there are those who hunt these swarms but to what purpose?  Vengeance is often the answer. 
The origins of  these creatures lies within the atomic fires of old Earth itself. They are the mating of a rogue A.I. & a group of construction nanites. These relics from before the Age of Exploration according to legend are the ones responsible for the launching of the Atomics across old Earth itself. Some believe they are in fact millions removed descendants of the Grim Reaper intelligence itself returned to sanity. 
File:Charles Rennie Mackintosh - Fairies 1898.jpg

Those who have attacked this swarm have been obliterated in a matter of moments. They're attacks doing 1d4 points of damage per strike as nerves are severed, bones shattered, & all manner of injuries happening. The cloud will often ask if the attacker is done & instantly heal the same damage done by its attack. Those who refuse are consumed by the cloud.
File:STS-135 Space Shuttle Atlantis makes its final landing 11.jpg
Ancient EMP cannon 1d20 damage per shot, one shot per round.  I light year  range 
Yet there are those who hunt these creatures swearing vengeance for old Earth. Hordes of  the mutated who still wish to destroy them. They are often armed with old style EMP cannons of  ancient design & carry the ancient war emblems of old Earth itself. They're hunts often come to naught & they are often seen within the ranks of intergalactic mercenaries & scum. They gather funds for their so called holy crusade & once again hunting down these creatures. 

Many scholars see these creatures as ancient treasure troves of lost knowledge.  Many expeditions for these creatures has turned up nothing within the vastness of galactic space!  There are those who want to protect them as well. For now the "fairies" remain a strange enema wrapped in a mystery! 


  1. Clever origin for the fairies. It really weaves them into the setting.

  2. Thanks trey, they were very much inspired by a conversation with a friend regarding the "magical" nature of nanites & carbon nanotubes. There will be more to come! Thanks for the comment.


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