Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Legend Of The Tlomitlanyál Queen - A Random Space Encounter

"Surly a spacer like you has no doubt heard of the The Tlomitlanyál Queen!" 
No well then pull up that chair & I'll spin the yarn to ye. 
I was just out of the academy about your age when was coming through the rings of Nebin Four & out of the corner of my eye I saw the flash of a gate opening. We were finishing up our tour & getting ready to put back in & there she was.
 The Tlomitlanyál Queen comes right through the planar gate, drive on full, lit up as pretty as you please & from the com units we heard her. 
The screams lad were something terrible & something I'll take to my grave. 
She rode the star winds right past us & we saw them souls lad in the windows of their suites & such. They waved, cried, & prayed all at the same time & then in a flash of planar light she was gone! 
We was goin' give chase but lad the drive went, the electrics fried, & we had the luck of the damned for three days after. 
Fetch me my bottle lad they're a chill in the air" 
Ask any spacer worth his salt about  The Tlomitlanyál Queen & he'll make several passes to ward off bad luck. She was 250,000 tons loaded with the finest that the universe had & she was on her maiden voyage. 
No one is quite sure what happened to her. Take your pick of rumors: 
  1. She wandered into Ssu' space & they cursed her 
  2. The planes ate her & only ghost remains to roam the space ways 
  3. The ship was caught in a time storm & now her echo sails eternity roaming with her damned passengers 
  4. A cell of terrorists took her & demons from the cold depths of space took every last soul & now they tempt all who see her
  5. The ship sails under a curse from a little girl psychic who cursed the ship & crew after her murder 
  6. The gods of balance took offense & cursed her to wander the spaces between the planes never to change ever again 
  7. The passengers were all dead to begin & the ship sails space for them 
  8. Hell itself spits her out because its hungry for more souls & she's a lure 
  9. The drive malfunctioned & now the crew is trapped until time itself ends 
  10. There never was a ship like her & its an illusion created by the mind of a mad god
This much is certain those who have seen the ship have nothing but bad luck that happens there is a 40% if she's encountered that one of the following will happen! Roll 1d10
  1. Main sensors fail your flying blind 
  2. Drive winks out & the power crystals are fried 
  3. Power for the atmosphere systems fails (critical in 1d6 hours) 
  4. Pressure leak 20% major 
  5. Drive Failure  the drive winks out! 
  6. Drive Engages teleporting you 1d20 light years from current position 
  7. Weapon systems power down for no reason 
  8. Main drive fries  
  9. Energy eruption in some critical system (dungeon master's choose) 
  10. Space Pirate ship catches you unaware! 

She was carrying very valuable cargo but as always the rumors vary from storyteller to storyteller which caused the ship to go missing in the first place!  Random Cargo roll 1d10 
  1. Valuable alien artifacts With Super Science Powers 
  2. Strange radium that has incredible properties 
  3. The alien mummy of H'russ himself who has a terrible curse upon it 
  4. Cursed energy weapons  
  5. The remains of a ssu' royal caste warrior with attendants 
  6. An experimental drive system that is still operating 
  7. A malfunctioning time machine on a cycle loop 
  8. Hundreds of space pirates in cryo sleep along with their treasure 
  9. The living dead corpse of  an alien god 
  10. Thousands of credits in blood money 

Those who do manage to board her find themselves against many different incidents  Roll 1d10 
  1. The crew is mad & undead roll on the appropriate matrix 
  2. The passengers have formed mobs & are killing anyone they find 
  3. There are space ghouls aboard commanded by a major demon 
  4. Your party's names are written in blood which is now flowing off the wall 
  5. The ship is about to break up what will you do 
  6. There are dimensional gateways opening all over the ship & random monsters wandering the levels 
  7. The ship is alive & wants to eat a random party member 
  8. The ship is commanded by ghosts who repeat their actions every 1d10 hours 
  9. A random party member becomes the captain what will you do now 
  10. Your looking down at your party's corpses what happened are you alive, dead, undead or what!

Welcome aboard  The Tlomitlanyál Queen enjoy your stay 


  1. A clever little ghost (space)ship tail you've got here. I like all the options for personalized adaption. Well done!

  2. Thanks man, your post on local folklore was part of the inspiration!


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