Friday, October 7, 2011

The Hildebrandt Arduin Connection ?

 I've been reading through the new monster book for Arduin Eternal & then was scanning through the Monsters Brains blog. They're featuring the Brothers Hildebrandt who for some reason never seem to get mentioned these days. According to wiki Tim Hildebrandt was a force to be reckoned with -Tim Hildebrandt illustrated children's books, two Dungeons & Dragons calendars, and the poster for the film The Secret of NIMH; his art was also used in advertising by AT&T and Levi's.[6] Tim was also Associate Producer of the horror-themed science fiction film,The Deadly Spawn.[7] Tim Hildebrandt died on June 11, 2006 at the age of 67 due to complications of diabetes
Rest In Peace Tim. There's a good chunk of my childhood right there. Then I noticed something there was definately an influence on Arduin here. Atlantis was a project from the brothers that seemed tailor made to appeal to the D&D crowd! I wonder if Mr. Hargrave didn't borrow a few elements for monsters, locations etc.  So in my mind this is really what Arduin would look like if painted. Tell me that these don't scream adventure location!
Tim Hildebrandt - A Firepit, Realms of Wonder calendar illustration, 1983

Greg and Tim Hildebrandt - Untitled
Tim Hildebrandt - Tripod Trilogy Book One: The White Mountains Cover Original Art (1991)
War of The Worlds Meets Arduin? 
Hildebrandt, 1981
Tim Hildebrandt - Emissaries of the Dragon Lord

Anyhow visit the original blog post & bask in the awesomeness Monster Brains
Yeah yeah I know this stuff was for other projects & such. I don't care to me this is Arduin ! 

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