Friday, October 28, 2011

Optional Encounter - Signal From Nowhere

The characters are to hook up with a deep space survey ship -The Phoenix's Wings. This deep space survey ship detected a FTL signal from planet. It was traced back to a remote island compound. There were traces of negative planar energy*

A Note On The Negative Plane ! 

Thew negative plane in my games is a rolling plane of black energy, changing locations, & a toxic waste dump of the multiverse. Its a place of billowing energies & rolling clouds of anti death. It provides a quick way to power but ultimately destroys those it touches. Only the highest users of super science powers can access it safely & even then there is a risk

 The crew Of The Phoenix's Wings might as well be given red shirts. The Dungeon Master can kill them, tear them up, grind them to bits, it doesn't matter!
Act 1 
The signal came from one of the smaller argo plantation compound settled by the original colonist families. It can't can't compete with the larger operations like the one the characters encountered earlier.
Dr. Victor Sangre is a most genteel host & will provide for the characters every need. They must stay for a couple of days & he will provide  for them in style. Any mention of the undead & he will be slightly upset. Mentioning "native superstitions", quaint customs, & so forth. Dr. Victor Sangre is retired & seems to run things with a fair if ironed hand. 
The characters will notice several odd things when they land on the Island.
Random Odd Events Table 1d6 
  1. Plant life is strange twisted & slightly mutated. Yet the crops are healthy & robust 
  2. Technology breaks down randomly 20% of  the time 
  3. Strange colored lights are seen along with the stars in the night sky 
  4. Weird cat calls of creatures can be heard echoing throughout the jungle of the island 
  5. Puddles of oddly greasy liquids that glow appear here & there only to disappear 
  6. Strange masses of alien insects gather in piles here & there appear dead on the ground
    Act II 
    The party is introduced to the Doctor's wife. A victim of some terrible unknown disease. The doctor is determined to cure her. She is actually the victim of the planar energies employed by the doctor. She exists in a state lost someplace between life & undeath ! As the evening wears on & the party retires to their rooms. Several distant rumbles shake the house!
    Exploring, the  party will stumble upon a weird  ritual being conducted in the cellar, where the doctor is trying to acquire war intelligence from a captured Human Space Empire military official. But the interruption causes the zombies to turn on their master.


The party has come in the middle of a critical time when the stars are right. The doctor (4th level scientist) was  a rival to the gentleman encountered in the first adventure & used a very risky super science power to act as a short cut to the negative plane. He has very little finesse & control that his rival did. Instead he has awakened a horror from beyond the great darkness that was imprisoned eons before man walked the Earth!
Give the characters a chance to escape the island & destroy the thing from beyond time & space!

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