Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Avengers Trailer - All sort of Awesome!

So the teaser trailer looks awesome but the new trailer that I saw wanted me to pull out my old TSR Marvel Super Heroes game & get the old gang together.
The trailer is awesome & if the movie lives up to half of its hype, well I for one I'm very excited!
Its on IO9 right Here
Just in case you want or need any Marvel Super Heroes Rpg Stuff, get it right over Here
 Check out the forums as well they usually have any number of updated stats, etc.  


  1. I look forward to seeing the movie as well, but I'll make sure and bring my ear plugs, because our movie house is so flip flop floopin' loud.

    Hope you're having an oogie boogie day.

  2. Hugs to my favorite Whisk! I'm having an oogie boogie kind of day thanks to your comment! Stay Tuned more to come!

  3. Will do. Feels like I've been out of the blogging loop for awhile now. Looking forward to getting back to it.

  4. You've been working quite a bit Whisk so its perfectly understandable about the blog with the family & everything! Sending puppy hugs Whisk!


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