Sunday, October 16, 2011

Storm Bringer - The Final Movement Campaign - Actual Play

Larry's Storm Bringer game tonight was fantastic. We started the even's meal with roast beef, veggie & rice soup as we listen to the strains of Edith Piaf. Then it was cigars & the game. Edith came in because music features heavily in Larry's games. The campaign takes place during the twilight of the Young Kingdoms. The demon sword Rat Spit hung on my character's side. We acquired the Crystal of Time from a mad sorcerer & were transported to some nameless desert.
In fact the party of 6 had moved across space & time to Africa of the 40s where we faced down Nazis soldiers from Hitler's Thule division. A couple of folks in the party grabbed machine guns but these aren't going to work in The Young Kingdom.Edith Piaf foreshadowed the death of one of the Npc love interests. One of the characters. Zelgar The Azure Archer's love interest bought in on the bullets of one of the Nazi soldiers. He became pin cushion. Rat Spit drank heavily tonight of 5 soldiers souls. All in All a good game. Food, friends, & fun.


  1. That sounds like an incredible session.

  2. It was a great 1st session, I'm hoping the momentum keeps up for Larry's Sunday night game. Thanks for the comment & there will be more! Stay Tuned!


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