Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weird Wednesday - G.I. Joe and the Rocketeer versus Godzilla and Cobra


And now, G.I. Joe and the Rocketeer versus Godzilla and Cobra

So the artist Artist Ulises Farinas has done this incredible cross over fan art of possibly everything fantastic about my childhood.  The print is totally bad ass & you can't even begin to see some of the detail unless you go Here
If your thinking that this could never happen well think about this IDW owns GI JOE & has been doing Godzilla comics for a while now. Dark Horse has the Rocketeer so this might  & could happen!  Ulises Farinas might be giving us a peek into our future.
The man's work is like one of those incredible cross section books!

Of course you remember the Batman I'm Legend crossover don't you? You can see that Here
So the artist is awesome!

How about the time when Godzilla got owned by Shield?

Yup Marvel's Shield little dirty secret! 
SHIELD manages to drive Godzilla back into the sea by blinding him with the Helicarrier's lights and pelting him with giant concrete blocks.
 Back in the 70s or 80s Godzilla was temporarily licensed  to Marvel. They also had believe or not the Shogun Warriors as well! Right Here  Basically they had Shield following Godzilla around & playing clean up after him! 
Now they can't even mention him by name you can read about the Marvel Version Here
Shield's Godzilla Squad is Here
The only thing to survive the eventual purge of all things Godzilla from Marvel was the Red Ronin Robot seen Here

 For all things Marvel that falls below the radar I recommend this fantastic site Here
Since all this crossover is in the air I'd thought I'd share. Did I mention that there's a Shogun Warrior movie in the works? 

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