Saturday, October 22, 2011

Crypts & Things

Dear Crypts & Things Creators & Artists,

I hate you! I really do because your creating another role playing game that I have to have. I love the work of  Robert E. Howard & now you've created a game that has all of my favorite things in it! I love retro clones & this looks like it has every thing I want in it.

Chapter list

Scrolls of Wonderous Revelation (The Players’ Handbook)

Creating a character
How to play
Spell lists
The Book of Doom (A Crypt Keeper’s Guide)
The Continent of Terror  – Gazeeter of the setting.
Ill Gotten gains of Dark Desire – Treasure and magic items.
A compendium of Fiends – Monsters
The Hall of Nizun Thun – A mini-crypt (adventure)
Appendices a to M: Notes from the Abyss
Crypts and Things cover by Jon Hodgson

I keep throwing money at screen but nothing is happening!

 They have an entire chapter on Serpent men! I love serpent men. They make great foes & such.
The 1st 15 pages of the game can be seen right Here

The D101 game page can be seen Here
The Indie  Go Go page for the game which shows the progress towards the fund raising for the release of the game which I want in my grubby little hands now! Crypts-and-Things
I believe I've covered my precious  w  wanting to pre-order this game. I blame Green Skeleton Gaming Guild for this Here


  1. Great Post my Friend! Glad to have led you down this dangerous path!! Mwha ha ha!!

  2. Thanks for alerting me to this! It will be mine!

  3. LOL,it's definately on my list as well. So many games so little time to play them all.


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