Monday, October 17, 2011

Super Science Powers - The Face Of Horror

The Face Of Horror 
This  fourth level super science power allows the user to cloak themselves in the deepest fears of the target. At higher levels the person using this power will take on the biological features of  1d6 persons. Those who see the person must make a save versus death or flee in mortal terror from the user. Those who can't & are exposed to the mind warping effects of this power may take 1d6 points of damage per round as their minds become unhinged by the hostile sight of the user. 
This power taps into the hidden connections of the ID & the Outer Darkness.Those using this power more then 3 times per day must roll on their constitution or become stuck in that form for 1d6 days. There is a 20 % chance that they may become the unreasoning monster themselves as the Id itself takes over. They may go into a berserk state if this happens & attack the nearest team mate or target. The state passing once the target is unconscious or dead.
Halloween hands green
Hands of Negativity  
This 4th level super science power taps into the negative material plane & surrounds the hands of the user with a hungry cold aura of death & decay. Hand to hand attacks do 1d8 points of damage & the wounds made by this power will not heal without the expensive super science treatments that accompany these wounds. This power may be used four times a day & no more or the user may be sucked into the hungry howling void of the negative plane!
Halloween man screaming

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