Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Random Asteroid & Galactic Even Table 1d30

Random Asteroid & Galactic Even Table 1d30 
  1. Asteroid field shifts slightly in Hyperspace -2 to all piloting rolls 
  2. Those aren't asteroids! They're ancient mines each doing 2 d10 points of damage 
  3. Antimatter field 1d10 miles long 
  4. Shoal of Asteroid Swimmers Roll 1d20 for # Appearing 
  5. Hidden Salvage Among Asteroid Field! 
  6. Stray Comet! Evasive Maneuvers! 
  7. Solar Event Roll on Appropriate Matrix! 
  8. Plasma Gas Cloud - 1d20 on Shields 
  9. Flock of Space Angels 
  10. Rich Asteroid Field 1d10 tons of Ore 
  11. Stray Space Cow Herd 1d20 Head Of Cattle 
  12. Star Is Unstable Here Might Go Nova 20% Chance 
  13. Random Hyperspace Gate Opens 
  14. Dropped Illegal Cargo Of Spice 
  15. Derelict Ship 30% of Military Booby Trap  
  16. Spacers Camped Out On Side Of Asteroid - 10% chance Space Pirates Looking For An Easy Score 
  17. Elemental Plane Of Earth Belching Out Debris - Take Evasive Action -Now! 
  18. Space Dragon Hunting Among The Asteroid Field & Its Hungry 
  19. Recent Planet Broken By Dholes & their still hungry! Dhole
  20. The Great Bird Of Space Appears - You Have A Date With Destiny ! 
  21. Fuel Carrier In Trouble 
  22. Space Pirates Roll 1d20 For # of Ships 
  23. A Field Of Micro Wormholes! -Teleports Random Star Ship Parts 20% Of The Time! 
  24. Possessed Space Craft 
  25. Destroyed Imperial Cruiser
  26. Flock Of  Deep Space Carrion Monsters Roll 1d10 for # Appearing 
  27. Escaped Human Empire Prisoners Roll 1d6 For #Appearing 
  28. Asteroid Worms 1d100 For Size & Hit Points 
  29. Possessed Astronaut In Deep Space Freighter 
  30. Roll Again  


  1. This needs to be a d100 table.

  2. I believe there may be a D100 Stellar Events Table In your Stars! Thanks for the comment! Stay Tuned More To Come!


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