Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Miaualazgla - Galactic Phantoms - They Want To Suck The Bone Marrow From Our Children!

File:Kunisada The Spectre.jpg
Miaualazgla - Galactic Phantoms
No. Enc.: 1-6
Move: 120'(40’)
Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice: 5
Attacks: 3
Damage: 1d8(special)
Morale: 7
There are those poor souls who have been caught between the angles of space & time lost in the Outer Darkness. They can under the right movements of the universe enter our space. They are neither undead nor truly alive. They hunger for that life which they lack once here hunt for the living. 
Because of their state they can often pass through a space craft's shields by polarizing their form. They often come aboard un-noticed & observe the comings & goings of the various crew. They appear to one or all crewmen in their dreams. 
The monsters seem almost human except for the shark like teeth & the decay of their skin & form. There is a 70% chance that they may hide their defects for a time with illusions. Their bite will inject a virulent toxic which induces a nasty form of  Space Madness unless a save versus poison is made! 
 Random Space Madness Effects Table Roll 1d10 
  1. Victim's skin turns white & is under control of the monster 
  2. Space suddenly turns into a tropical resort & the victim was to get out into the sun!
  3. The victim's fellow crew members all turn into snarling space monsters out to kill him 
  4. The area around the victim turns into the organs & stomach of a giant monster. Your trapped! 
  5. The victim's cloths are out to kill him for real each bite does 1d3 points of damage! 
  6. The victim begins to discorporate into the Outer Darkness where an Outer God awaits to snack 
  7. You are so incredibly hungry where are the ship's stores? Eat 1d8 pounds of food! Now 
  8. There are voices in your head & they're saying to kill your crew members 
  9. Your the monster, the big scary monster & scary monster have to be free! 
  10. The space is trying to get in. Its trying to invade your mind & perhaps you should let it in 
Miaualazgla often feed on the marrow from the bones of their victims. They often carry wickly sharp planar knives which they use with excellent skills. These jagged pieces of metal are used to remove the bones from the victims. They often fade back into the void from when they came. A monster will attack with one only if cornered. The knife does 1d6 points of damage but leaves a wound that doesn't bleed or heal without the application of super science.  They are loath to use this attack because it damages the victim & there is a chance that the precious marrow they love so much will be lost.

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