Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Druringormme - Those Who Shape

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A process cannot be understood by stopping it. Understanding must move with the flow of the process, must join it and flow with it.
There is a sisterhood of scientists out in the cosmos studying the genetic drift of human kind. They are the The Druringormme - Those Who Shape  & they believe that it will be themselves who will provide humanity with its pivotal genetic material. 
Time & again their red suited operatives have appeared when this or that little war breaks out. They have earned the name Death Sirens. They have been called vultures, genetic thieves, & accused of the based crimes against humanity. They have developed super science energy reactors that allow one to achieve genetic mutation perfect. At least this is what they advertise! 
They believe that after centuries of eugenics and birth control, the humans will  manage to mitigate the genetic damage and cultivated a more responsible use of the Super science energies at his disposal. The practice they so far developed has to let only genetically perfect specimens undergo the random mutations provoked by their energies. Their theory was that genetic screening could avoid the risk of hideous and animal mutations in an individual.
 However, there are examples throughout the canon where an exposed The Druringormme became a devolved, sometimes mindless, evolutionarily inferior throw-back.
Alien Mutant Creature 192
There is a sub sect of the sisterhood who mask themselves a religion in space seeking to expand the horizons of humankind into the greater light. Under the guise of universal brotherhood & equality this group has built an incredible base of genetic stock. Using advanced cloning techniques & organ replacement this group has made some of its members serial immortal.
At the moment of death they are resurrected as the life force is transferred into another artificial womb. The clone is artificially aged & the tradition of enlightened extension continues. They have been known to kidnap & plunder the genetic material of especially desirable individuals.
Mythical medusa
The Rec'surcuve or Medusa Society - is one branch of  The Druringormme which engages in all of these practices & more. They actually believe that it is their divine mission to create a more perfect genetic model of humanity at any price. They often use powerful alpha mutants as muscle & guardians. These mutants often have 7 or more mutations but incredibly shortened life spans of  1 to 2 years. The organization is considered a terrorist threat of the highest order in Human Space

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