Sunday, October 16, 2011

Arrggh Space Pirate Treasure Tables

Sometimes its not enough to have gold or oxygen you need something special!
Arrggh Space Pirate Treasure Tables D10,D20, D30  
  1. The Royal Tapestries of Garlurl 8 - These holo tapestries move & show the ever evolving life of the empire on the fabric background. Worth 3000 gold credits because they even show the secrets of the empire in detail from one day to the other. 
  2. The Lost Mines of Kleb - The location to the lost mines of  Kleb where the rare fuel crystals of Kleb are found. Able to double the rate of speed of any ship. 2,000 gold credits in value  
  3. Spices of Kaol - A fine selection of the these spices that makes anything taste good. Anything. The planet was destroyed during one of the numerous galactic wars. 900 gold credits 
  4. The holo location of the Lost Ship Erzera - 12 lost ships that were the finest war ships ever to sail space from the Erzera space yards. Loaded to bare with antimatter weapons, the fuel alone is worth a king's ransom 
  5. The Croy - A chest of multi planar storage  contains something different each time its opened. Roll 1d4 1. Diamonds 2. Heretic Texts 3. Medical Knowledge -The cure for some heidious disease. 4. Treasure map 
  6. The Holo Slides Rura - A series of slides that reveals the alien antimony of a bio weapon including cloning information. 4,000 gold credits to the right buyer 
  7. The Chess board Of Gwtar - A chess board with a map of the universe as the board. This item will show the movements of military & civilian craft after the players concentrate on the board. 6000 gold credits to the right party. 
  8. Salt From The Tears Of The Goddess Taresa - The salt will make anyone who handles it overcome with grief & strife. The Goddess wept for her worshipers as her planet burned & she was washed away. Only her salt from her river of tears remained. 300 gold credits per vial 
  9. The Whet Stone of Chomis - Able to sharpen any blade this whet stone rests against after an hour grants a temporary +1 to any blade for 1d20 months. 200 gold credits 
  10. The Coat of Pasha Carnono - A set of armor that grants the user visions of the future after he's locked in it for 1d20 rounds. The suit will cut off at a critical point & the user must exit it. The suit will begin to absorb him if he continues to stay in it. 6000 gold credits 

Mundane  Space Treasures 1d20
  1.  2  Loads of  Nuclear Fuel - 500 credits 
  2. Hyperspace Crystals 200 credits 
  3. Space Ship Parts 2 tons - 300 credits 
  4. Letter of Credit 700 credits good throughout Human Space 
  5. Treasure Map (fake)
  6. Treasure Map (real) 
  7. Complete Spacer Tool Kit  300 credits 
  8. Space Craft 200 credits 
  9. Spices for Trade - 400 
  10. Planetary Weapons cache (Dungeon Master Choose) 
  11. Fake goods 
  12. Esper Crystals (Pure) 300 credits 
  13. Bank Vault  Contents Unknown 
  14. A Demon Vial (Sealed) 100 or better credits 
  15. Clone Banks New  500 credits 
  16. Weapon Crystals 700 credits Star Ship Grade 
  17. A Sealed Slaver Box -500 credits
  18. Blood Crystals  of Sercus 6 - Worth a Fortune 
  19. A Cargo Of  Animal Women 
  20. Another Treasure Map 
Special Qualities Roll 1d30
  1. The treasure murmurs to itself telling foul legends of  ancient times 
  2. Strange smells & radioactive glows come from it. 
  3. The damned haunt it roll 1d6 to see how many ghosts show up 
  4. The treasure is sought by a monster who can track it across vast interstellar distances 
  5. A group of space pirates seeks it too free themselves from an ancient curse 
  6. The treasure is surrounded by myth & legend 1d6 groups seek to possess it 
  7. It can heal many types of damage 
  8. A demon haunts the treasure & will possess the 1st person to pick it up 
  9. The treasure randomly teleports 1d20 feet after 3 rounds of being handled 
  10. The person holding it will become cursed to be a space pirate himself. 
  11. The treasure will grant 1d2 mutations 
  12. The treasure is sentient & hates you 
  13. There is a cursed attached to the treasure & you are now under a quest spell or super science power 
  14. You will grow hair on each place that the treasure touches after 1d6 rounds. The hair falls out after 1d3 rounds. It will be bright pink or another shocking color 
  15. The treasure has an electrical aura about it. Take 1d6 points of damage after handling it! 
  16. There is several intergalactic agents after it. There is a tracking device on the item. Roll 1d10 & that's how many light years are between you & them 
  17. The treasure grants you one super science power roll on the appropriate matrix to see which one 
  18. The treasure is actually an alien life form that wants to eat you. Roll for surprise 
  19. The treasure summons an angel. 
  20. A secret compartment opens up & there's a map 
  21. There's a small life form living in the treasure & it wants to talk 
  22. The treasure teleports you to a level of the Abyss 
  23. An agent of the Outer Darkness is summoned once the treasure is handled Roll 1d20 for hit dice 
  24. A rival space pirate is telepathically alerted you have the treasure & he's coming for it 
  25. It grants a small wish. Very very small one
  26. The Treasure makes you immortal turning your character into a mindless undead 
  27. There is a strange glow around the treasure that does nothing 
  28. The treasure sings to itself in strange alien tongues at night ( Occasionally it might give a tid bit of information in high galactic) 
  29. The souls of damned hunger for those who possess this treasure. Take 1d6 points of damage as the life is sucked out of you. Age 2d6 years! 
  30. You find a mystery box in the treasure ! 


  1. You're the king of the eclectic random chart! And this is another great one.

  2. Thanks Trey! I do like eclectic random charts! There will be more stay tuned! Thanks for the comment man!


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