Sunday, October 9, 2011

Super Science Powers - The Consuming Promise

The Consuming Promise 
There are always those who are looking for short cuts in life & those looking for quick advancement. The Demons of the Outer Darkness are always there to answer the call with quick access to incredible powers! They are a whore's promise for they come with a terrible price to be sure. Each time a power is accessed the person's life is consumed by the demons themselves at a rate of 1d10 years off your natural rate. For its your life fueling the powers you are using. Each time a person accesses them they must make a save vs or be addicted to the feeling of power & bliss they feel even as 1-3 points of damage is done to them. This damage is easily recoverable but the ravages of it will begin to show.

Level 1 
  1. The Whirling View - The user is able to move his mind across time & space within the astral & the near  planar to access forbidden secrets, the past, & even the might be. These vision give a person access to many places. There is a 40% that a user will find exactly what they are looking for but there is also a 10% chance that will see something that will catch their eye instead & become their obsession & of course they must know more about it. 
  2. Time's Razor - The user is able astrally to move through their timeline & discover where they went wrong, the might have beens or even the maybes of life. They may cast a barrier of solid time around them & shield themselves from damage & block 20 points of damage. Time cuts both ways & each time this power is used there is a 10% that a Hound of Tindalos might notice the caster. The cast may even access nearby universes but only for 1d6 hours at a time. 
  3. Time's Animation - The caster is able to animate 1d6 objects of 1 to 3 hit points each to do his bidding. They may act as spies, & move about at will. The effect will last 1d20 days per use. The user may see through their eyes & speak through them. 
Level 2  

  1. Words of Waste - The user is able with a charisma roll able to fool anyone as long as they are listening to his words. The effect lasts from 1d6 rounds. The words echo & rattle around in the person's brain. The user may actual damage someone physically by revealing a cosmic truth to them & snap their minds. The secret does 1d8 points of damage as it ravages them! The victim may make a saving throw though to avoid the effects. 
  2. Strike The Fool - The user reveals a cosmic symbol of  a despairing  universe & those who view it are at a - 3 for all skill checks as it saps their will & blackens their souls. They may make a saving throw if  they are out of the 300 foot range of  the cosmic hologram of despair & loathing 
  3. Animate the Wreckage - The user casts his consciousness into an object & it becomes his body! The user is able to move it at will with thought & such as if it was an extension of his body. The power ravages the physical frame of the person because its alien molecular structure damages the astral of the person. They who use this power suffer the full effects of the guidelines above. 

More to Come 

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