Thursday, October 27, 2011

May Day,May Day! An Encounter For Human Space Empires!



Lewton Major 
STAR DATE : 20,0000 A.D.
CAPTAIN'S LOG: Civil unrest continues on colony J45Z71 where local workers continue as the dictator scientist holds the entire planet within his sway.  He continues his reign of terror unabated. Our away team has been missing for 48 planetary hours & the Emperor's finest marines are standing by  as a last resort the mason cannons are charging for planetary bombardment!  
A Distress Call From Hell 
The planetary governor  & his aid confronting a local priest 

The character's ship gets  a distress call from the Caliph's Dream a ship that has been missing for more then 100 days out in the Lewton System. Lewton Major is an agro world of no small importance. The Dream was investigating the continuing civil unrest between the new colonists & original colonists. The colony produces close to three times the average for an agricultural world! The violence between the two factions was up sharply at the time of the Dream's investigation. 
The Characters will be met by the governor of the colony & his attache. They will discuss the comes & goings of the quiet little colony & its production of sugar cane, etc.
They will report that  the Caliph's Dream was hit by a meteor & crashed into a local moon & it was an unfortunate event. Since this is such a small colony there is very little in the way of a FTL communication's device. Actually this is true! 
The civil unrest has not been a problem since because of the intervention of a local wise man who was able to negotiate a peace between the factions.

The characters meet him on their way out of the office of the governor.  Legendre is a genteel man & somewhat refined & invites the characters to his estate.
The party may recognize the man's body guard as being the Captain of the Dream!
The locals are completely terrified of the place & will try to warn the party at every opportunity! Strange signs are seen in the surrounding towns as well 
Random strange events table Roll 1d6 
  1. Mystery lights in the sky that don't show up on sensors 
  2. Locals make weird signs with their hands as the character pass 
  3. Pets die when the characters pass 
  4. Strange storms blow up out of a clear green sky with red lightning 
  5. Neighbor hoods are effected by strange sleeping plagues 
  6. There are odd presences that seemly watch the characters!

    The characters learn the fate of the crew of the Dream once they visit  Legendre's compound & operation! 
     Legendre is a scientist/ priest of the Ebony Fleet . There are over 70+ Greater Guardian Zombies at the compound. Legendre(6th level scientist)  will be quite competent that there are more then enough foes to take out the party. He will reveal his total control over the planet & even the secret to his power. A rare formula from a hidden valley on the planet. One where a craft of the Ebony Fleet is sleeping!
     Part II coming up tomorrow along with stats for the Greater Guardian Zombies! 
Stay tuned! 


  1. I love the way you wove White Zombie into a sci-fi adventure. Nice Job!

  2. Thank you so much. It was your entry today that was the inspiration! The film is cheesy & very fun!
    The second part is coming up! Thanks for the comment! Stay tuned more to come!


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