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The Shattered Way - Astronaut Cult

The Shattered Way - Astronaut Cult 

The shattered way are a tribe of mixed astronauts who have experienced the reality of the Outer Darkness & are brought together with a siren telepathic call as their shattered minds deal with the small island of reality that is no more. For over 2000 years they have banded together & formed their brotherhood.
They wish simply to bring an end to their tortured existence.They see the folly of their own self worth against the all consuming horror of the universe.
They shall do this by any means

As to the various circumstances of their  encounters with the horror of the mythos there are various factions among them.
 Each of these groups will simply meet if their is a gathering of the Outer Darkness to carry out their masters will but they have no idea the why or the how. They are always aware of their mission once they meet.

The Red Seekers - The red seekers are possibly one of the most numerous. They are those who have joutrneyed among the various planes & seek to open the door to their home reality. Simply put they don't care if they leave the door open for the Old Ones or the Outer Gods to pour back into the general space time continuum. They have gone one step beyond & wish to do so again. There is always one more door, one more path of destruction to journey down are you willing to take that step with them.
They're super science abilities often seem to focus on seeing without eyes - telepathy, etc are usually theirs to command & others will teach them the abilities they need to move where others can not.
They often only make it to 4th level as their masters take them into realms beyond. Many are servants of Yog-Sothoth  & his priests 
Yog-Sothoth couleur.jpg

A neural worm which heightens intelligence even as it opens vistas of shattered realities to the victim. Some willingly infect themselves with these creatures 
The Nglrgu - The Infected  Ones  These are the victims who have become infected with the spawn of the of the Outer Darkness & wish to share their pain. They move across the cosmos driven by the songs of the Darkness. They  drip bits & pieces of themselves to others. They often collect any number of parasites simply to infect others with the strange & deadly monsters. They are often drawn to strange places & yet don't know the reason but they will do their masters bidding without thought or reason of their own. 
 The often reach 6th level but their powers are strange & twisted. They must make an intelligence roll each time they use their super science powers as they're consciousness is drawn again down shattered vistas & strange places. They often come into possession of strange objects or drugs from these journeys that will appear within their hands. They sell these alien things for pennies but beware for they will find their way into others hands. 

The Nglrgu  The relic hunters - They are those who seek the forbidden artifacts after they have tasted the sweet nectar of their power. They haunted the forgotten ruins of worlds & dream shattered streets of civilizations that have fallen to the Outer Darkness. Each relic or object is another key in a strange eldrith design that only they can see. The power & madness in their obsession leads them to violence & often murder. They can see an object's history & are dragged into its history & madness without so much as a whisper. They pose as explorers & adventurers but in reality they are murderers & thieves. They make 4th or 5th level of powers in super science but must make a save vs each time an artifact of the Outer Darkness is present or fly into a rage of violence. They are the most "normal" of the groups that make up the Shattered Way & are often found in cantinas or brothels chasing down a rumor or artifact that must belong to them. Why they seek these items none can say not even themselves. They care little if the object will destroy them or not. 


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