Saturday, October 29, 2011

Zombie Alien Animals Urban & Country Table 1d10

Zombie Alien Animals Urban & Country Table 1d10 

  1. Horde of Zombie Squirrels
  2. Pack of 1d6 house cats various breeds 
  3. 1d10 dogs mixed breeds 
  4. Coyote pack 1d10 individuals 
  5. Murder of  Crows 1d10 
  6. Pack of Alien animals (group mind) or Pack of Primates 
  7. Exotic Pet - Tentacled Horror mutant slug thing 
  8. Giant Snake  undead full hit points 
  9. Cloned Dinosaur pack 1d6 individuals 
  10. Large Mammal or Dinosaur individual max. hit points 

Country Table  Roll 1d10 
  1. Pack of wolves 1d10 
  2. Coyote pack 1d10 individuals 
  3. Murder of Crowlike bird creatures 
  4. Herd of Cows or Herbivore dinosaurs 1d10 creatures 
  5. Undead bear max hit points choose climate 
  6. Horde of zombie squirrels or monkey like creatures 
  7. Pack of dog reptiles  1d10 
  8. Alien undead insect birds 1d10 
  9. Alien horn ape pack 1d6 
  10. 1d10 horse like things  max hit points 


  1. Zombie squirrels. Yikes. Last night we watched Shrek Halloween and there were these little zombie-like gingerbread girls. I enjoyed that.

    Happy Oogie Boogie Weekend.

  2. Thanks Spooky Whisk! Hope your doing better! All my best to you & your family this holiday.

  3. I am doing better. Thanks. Today I only blew my nose three times instead of seven-hundred.

    You going to watch any good scary movies this week? Tim and I bought a DVD pack of 50 old black and white scary movies.

    The picture is grainy and we have to have the sound so high, and still can't hear it. But I love it. I love the whole old-style kind of thing.

    Tomorrow is my last day and then Halloween staycation here I come.

    What are you up to?

  4. About 1 foot of snow Whisk & the storm is still pounding Connecticut


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