Friday, October 14, 2011

Contraband Cargoes Random D30 Table

Contraband Cargoes Random D30 Table 
  1. Hobgoblin Ale - A case of 48 bottle of this incredible illegal substance that sets the mind in strange directions. +1 to intelligence but -2 to constitution. 
  2. Debebian Dream Beatles -  The sting of the insect causes the effects. Users of this stuff are prone to depression  & fits of super strength . Consider strength 18 for 6 turns. Insects must be live. 
  3. Electronic Pleasure Simulator - Energy Stunner that causes orgasmic episodes in near humans. Have been used in bank robberies across the universe. 10 uses left can't be recharged!
  4. Tanis Leaves From EL Ronus 6 - Resurrects the newly dead under the control of the user as long as the user remains under the effects of the drug. 7 doses. 
  5. Planar Hot Shot - Gives a star ship 6 extra planar jumps & cuts travel time in half but burns out the planar drive after being used! 
  6. Simbra Mind Slugs - Eats their way through the mind of the victim as their bodies become perfect copies for 1d20 months after which the victim dies as the slug crawls out an ear. Broadcasts telepathically all information & stimuli received by the victim.
  7. Smugglers Blues - Unknown alien narcotic very addictive. - 3 constitution -3 intelligence. +3 Dexterity Burns out the user's mind in 2 months, used by astronauts looking for an edge 
  8. Fly Bye Wire - Cybernetic implant that allows the user to interface directly with their own mind allowing selective super science powers without the training. Randomly roll 1d6 super science powers but the user will only live 1d10 years.
  9. Joy Whizzers - Electrical Product that frees gravity within a 40 arce field. Ten uses often used as weapon. 
  10. Cargo Of  Necromantic Spell Supplies & Books - Very illegal on many civilized worlds 
  11. Personal Side Step Device - Renders the users molecules dimensionally unstable. 6 uses & the user takes 1d6 points of damage after every three uses. Must make a save vs death after 3 weeks of use. 
  12. God Chains -Just the thing to hold or capture a local deity & imprison him, her, or it. Will work on some major demons. Illegal some star systems 
  13. The Hook - A device for stimulating the greed centers of the brains of humans & near humans. 7 Uses! 
  14. The Turthanmuluthlu  Text - A small little red book over 275 riddles of the mind & spirit often used to break the faith of holy men by showing them the fundamental truths of existence. Often dropped before a military invasion as psychological war fare. One of the most hated texts in history of existence. 
  15. Pre Atomic Pokemon Cards - Very Addictive & Dangerous, Carries the Death Sentence For Possession in 22 systems 
  16. Warner's Finger Puzzles - Cheap,Easily Manufactured & Almost Impossible to Solve. Used as a sex toy by some sentients. 
  17. Clock Work Womb Of Destruction - Creates 1d20 clock work horror like monsters. 5 hit dice each . Will not stop creating these things once activated
  18. Joy or Bliss Sticks - Creates a sense of bliss in humans. Just pure bliss & nothing but. Light end & make saving throw. 19 sticks 
  19. Gather The Outer Darkness Scrolls - A one use scroll that opens a portal to the Great Outer Darkness where the Outer Gods wait. One use item.
  20. The Perfect Pen - Forge Anything, create chaos, a case of them. 
  21. The Absolute Truth - A paper back book which contains the absolute truth about everything. A case if 6.
  22. Conbus Plague - 9 vials 
  23. 222 random treasure maps 12 are guaranteed to lead to "your heart's desire" 
  24. Case of Weapons grade antimatter 
  25. A case of cursed Precious Metal - changes to whatever is the most valuable locally 
  26. Plastoid Assassin - The perfect programmable assassin immune to many super science powers. In a suspension casket awaiting orders.
  27. 4 million planet chiggers in cases of 43 each will adapt to local conditions 
  28. A black drum of  whatever the dungeon master feels like putting in it 
  29. A replica of The Perfect Chaos Bringers - Android clones of the party 
  30. Black Hole In A Drum & Its Leaking - Roll Again or did you?

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