Friday, October 28, 2011

Free Monster Resource! Monstrous Tome Vol 1&2

A Dungeon Master can never have too many monsters or too many options! Sometimes you need something that the players simply have forgotten about or don't even know about such is the case with
 Monstrous Tome Vol 1&2
Volume 1

Put some new depth into your Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game with one of the new Acid Vampires or the ever-so sweet and cuddly Eh-Oh; ah! Those sharp rows of teeth! – Not to mention the Ethereal Stalker, the wonderfully dangerous Gnome Fisher – oh and never underestimate that Spider Plant in the corner of the garden! And try not to have nightmares about Werebadgers!In all 32 NEW monsters for your enjoyment!
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Over a hundred new monsters to add to your AD&D games, drive fear into the hearts of your players with new demons, dragons, giants and other original monsters
Download that right  Here

Plenty of these creatures have a science fantasy element too them. I've literally used these hundreds of times. They work fantastic for AD&D 1st edition, OSRIC & many other retro clones

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