Monday, October 3, 2011

Planar Demons & Force Fields - Random Reaction Table

Planar Demons & Force Fields - Random Reaction Table

  1. The spirit or demon is unimpressed & passes through barrier with little problem arching & sparking its way to your destruction! 
  2. The barrier holds partial & the creature gets a limb through. Roll initiative
  3. There is an inverse planar reaction causing positronic feed back in the creature's body sending it back to its nether hell 
  4. The field rotates & keeps you trapped within. The iron in your blood weighs heavy on you & all actions are at - 2 for a time 
  5. The demon knows it can't cross the field & stands outside passing & mocking you 
  6. The field arches & sparks throwing random energy bolts this way & that causing 1d3 points of damage 
  7. The field's power unit is very strong throwing the creature 1d10 feet in a random direction & it swears vengeance 
  8. The body of the demon suffers positronic feedback causing a split between the negative energy body of the monster. There are now 2 demons each with half the hit points 
  9. The creature roars as the energy magnetizes it & causes it to take 1d6 points of damage as the local metallic content drains the negative energy away! 
  10. The demon takes damage each time it tries at a pass but draws energy from the field & explodes from the feedback of planar energies doing 1d10 points to the field & half to the Pcs present 
  11. There is a banshee wail as the planar constains grind away at each other & the force field causing a -1 to all skill rolls for 1d4 rounds as the noise echoes through the ether 
  12. The Demon screams its true name stunning everyone present with profound horror & its sucked back to the planar storm caused by the force field exploding 
  13. The field inverts & causes a rip in time & space the party is sucked in destination unknown 
  14. The party feels the planar sheer as dimensions slide against one another from the demon's negative energy effecting the force field but it only causes mild discomfort 
  15. The demon is drained as the force field grounds it utterly 
  16. 1d10 planar ghosts are released by the demon's howls echoing into the underworld 
  17. The demon is forced into a dimensional null space & reads as gone only to appear 1d4 rounds later, angry & pissed off 
  18. The dimensional variations play marry havoc with the demon's ability to materialize & the creature seems to appear in 6 places at once because of the force field. Only one is real 
  19. The force field forces the demon back as it considers it options 
  20. Reaction between the force field & demon's body call into the Greater Darkness attracting the attention of an Elder God whose hungry 
  21. Demon is drained by the energies coursing through the force field & now gains the ability to life leech from its victims but can't reach you because of the force field 
  22. The demon's mind is able to reach across the dimensional field & influence someone unless a save versus rays is made 
  23. The demon' s body is destroyed leaving only the mind on this plane! 
  24. The demon is destroyed! 
  25. A horde of demons is created from the sacrifice of the monster's body! Roll 1d20 
  26. The demon wants to know your names so it can howl it in the Greater Darkness as its destroyed 
  27. The force field causes a PKE explosion sucking everything into an dimension everything 
  28. The PCs travel back in time to prevent the destruction of everything just as the demon touches the force field again & again etc 
  29. The demon gets through 
  30. Roll again 


  1. A chart I didn't even know I needed--but now that I've got it, I certainly see how it could be put to use!

  2. Thanks Trey I hope folks can find a use for this. Please stay tuned!


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