Sunday, October 2, 2011

Space Flea Market Random Find Table D30

Space Flea Market Random Find Table D30

  1. Hyper calibration rod slightly used 
  2. Phase invertor missing alignment crystals 
  3. Three alien figurines (glowing) 
  4. The back end of a 69 Chevy 
  5. Assorted used phasers in a box each belonging to a Captain K. 
  6. Psi sword slightly scratched 
  7. Pink lady's z ray pistol (no charge) 
  8. Children's toys imperial house 
  9. Figurines of the major gods in various embarrassing positions sexual & otherwise  
  10. Super science tools slightly used 
  11.  Gallifreyans Sonic screw driver & I ESP pod (no power unit) 
  12. A very angry demon in a glass jar (imprisoned) 
  13. Galactic piloting helmet with a blast shield slightly scorched
  14. Various pistols energy weapons (collectors series)
  15. Imperial plates of various royal heads of state 
  16. Stuffed animals (assassin droid hidden in the lot) 
  17. A Tamper Coil Made From Copper 
  18. Space Time Machine (Hand Held) 
  19. Hyper Space Shunt 
  20.  Gaffi stick/ Space Ax Combo (Home made) 
  21. lithium-crystals
  22. Miniature tourist models of various galactic sites in a box including a working time gate 
  23. Remote control NCC-1701 model with anti gravity control (no working batteries) 
  24. Passes to Various Royal House Events (Expired) 
  25. Box of Floater parts 
  26. Collection of Parasites From Across the Universe In Various bottles owned by someone named Eric
  27. Glass Hand Belonging To A Demon (missing fingers) 
  28. Super Science Power Amplifier In The Form Of Women's Jewelry
  29. Box of Star Wars Action Figures (Carded) 
  30. Case of Spent Energy Cells Various Energy Weapons

Son of Space Flea Market Random Find Table D10 

  1. Flying Saucer Drive System 
  2. A Slightly Used Robot (Think Robbie ) 
  3. Military Surplus Tools (United Planets Markings) 
  4. Tardis Tool Kit 
  5. Box of Cyborg Limbs 
  6. 6 Droid heads 
  7. Tiki Idol 
  8. 5 big trunks locked & moving! 
  9. Cargo Containers (locked)
  10. A box within a box within a box etc etc. 

  1. Attic Fresh 
  2. You want how much for this 
  3. Store Quality 
  4. The thing is leaking 
  5. This is reasonably good
  6. Its possessed! 
  7. The item stinks 
  8. Brand New 
  9. Com'n Its A Wreck 
  10. It Works! Sometimes 


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