Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Holographic & VR Phantasmagoria : Its only an illusion

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They travel the universe bring with them images so real that some think they are! They're right also among the hustlers,  grifters, & conmen that rule these shows are the true artists. Planar men of vision & knowledge  from every intergalactic civilization who use ancient alien devices to create these illusions. Yet there are those who use their knowledge to create planar gates for entities from beyond!
In fact, many of the phantasmagoria showmen are a combination of scientists and magicians, many of them stressing that the effects that they produced, no matter how eerily convincing, were in fact the result of ingenious equipment and no small measure of skill, rather than any supernatural explanation.
 There are societies of these scientists who teach the skills & craft to bring these images & illusions to life. To quote one of them: 
I am only satisfied if my spectators, shivering and shuddering, raise their hands or cover their eyes out of fear of ghosts and devils dashing towards them.

Many of these brotherhoods of scientists & astronauts use a combination of holographic projection, super science powers, & strange spells at sites of supernatural occurrances  The problem being that often these proceedings call up the very entities they are thought to be depicting. The brethren often have to put down the very entities that they create.
 To heighten the effect of these shows special effects in the form of strange gas & weird lightening effects are often used & in more then one instance has caused them to have riots & stampedes of the audiences who to entertain. 

The Brethren of the Phantasmagoria have begun to classify & use methods for safe entertainment of many civilized folk of the Human Empire. Others from the fringe have criticized  the entire movement of one of dullness & routine.
These traveling entertainers & projectionists liken themselves to the 
Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol
 They are the complete opposite & many of the masses see them as the true artists. There have been incidents of both real & simulated blood shed between the too.Often live actors are used to create both a play & a spectacle at the same time to add to the reality of the production! 
File:Grand Guignol poster.jpg

Many times the projectionists will canvas the Outer & Fringe worlds for primitive illusionists & the like for those who use the purer forms of the art. Those recruited can expect to earn their passage though. Often many of these groups travel between worlds to see newer creatures & monsters  to capture their images for their jaded audiences!  Life & limb are indeed sometimes in danger during these ventures!

Those who are caught by the illusions of the projectionists are -1 for all illusions & might even be harmed. See the illusionist class of your favorite retro clone for more details ! 

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