Saturday, October 22, 2011

Flesh & Bones of Life - Super Science Power

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Flesh & Bones of Life - Super Science Power 
This 5th level Super Science power will restore to life a creature the user has the bones of. The caster channels the planar energies through them & is able to restore a creature to life. This will not be the exact individual it was in life but rather an archetype drawn from the unconscious of the user. The creature will have a third  of its hit points drawn from the user. There is a 20% chance of a misstep during this process where the planar energies can consume the user. The user must make a save versus death or be consumed by the planar energies he is wielding. Strangely if the save is made then a horror from beyond will occur & seek the death of the user! 
The user will be drained after the use of this power & must rest for 1d10 hours or slip into a coma unless a save vs death is rolled. No other super science powers may be used for a full day after this power is used!
Many scientists use this power to study extinct alien life forms. Others have put it to far more nefarious purposes.
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