Friday, October 21, 2011

D30 Subspace Storm Encounters Table

File:Typhoon in Hong Kong.jpg

  1. Githyanki Hunting party blown off course riding 1d8 red dragons 
  2. Probe Old Earth - Alternative World From The People's Republic of America 
  3. Wrecked Modern Air plane 1950s gremlin aboard froze  11 hit dice 
  4. Planar Demons Balrogs battling whips doing 1d10 per shot don't even notice you 
  5. A lost saucer 1d6 occupants without a clue to get home. Willing to trade for directions 
  6. A cloud of parasites from the Outer Darkness 1d8 miles across 
  7. Flash frozen dinosaurs hurling through the void 
  8. Asteroid mining equipment 4 tons of it with dead operators 
  9. Wreckage of a star destroyer 
  10. Slavers vessel! Armed & looking for battle 
  11. Armed artificially intelligent nuclear bomb. Very pissed off 
  12. 15 tons of Cheetoos snacks 
  13. A 15th century galleon with flash frozen crew. 
  14. Slave galleon carrying 10,00 zombies 
  15. Penal colony space  saucer carrying a group of  the zanti misfits roll 1d10 for number encountered 
  16. Giant Space Protozoa roll 1d10 add miles 
  17. 14 tons of dead fish 
  18. A field of purple electrically charged ice. Does 1d3 points of damage each round touched 
  19. Haunted Alien Space Fleet (wrecked roll for undead on encounter matrix) 
  20. 200 tons of frogs eggs ready to hatch 
  21. 1940 battle ship & destroyer intact & surrounded by a time storm! 
  22. An inter planar door way to one of the elemental planes 
  23. A door way to elemental plane of time. Another door way to elemental plane of time etc 
  24. Repeat the above! 
  25. Giant Idol of Baal  With Gems for Eyes 12 tons 
  26. 2 androids humanoid in saucer with teens completely lost 
  27. 12 tons of steel I beams  hurtling end over end 
  28. Hundreds of mini space gremlins
  29. A giant hallow head with hundreds of firearms on board & one dead humanoid  
  30. Music from the Outer Darkness played by the demon musician of Azahoth
File:Chaparral Supercell 2.JPG

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