Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Sub Space Witches

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The planar winds can change in a heart beat across sub space & the so called planar witches have caused more problems than all the hordes of hell itself. The condition is caused by the pushing of the astral realms against the greater planar reality of the local time space continuum. 
During these periods reality & higher dimension space can switch positions. Star ships can be lost for weeks or months even hundreds of years. 
These storms bring with them all types of debris & jetsam. The remains of millions of ancient alien societies floats along the currents of sub space. Those who make their living this way are the combers & junkmen who follow these storms with their sensitives & psychics who track them as a hound. 
The storms wrack even the hardest of places & many systems can be plagued by all manner of alien monsters.
Below is a chart of 1d10 encounters for such Witches
Sub Space Witch Encounter Chart  Roll 1d10 
  1. The remains of a saucer are was up in system all traffic for 1d3 light years is disrupted 
  2. A lost god of some primitive tribe comes. He demands worshipers in your system 
  3. An unknown alien fleet of ships comes from no where armed to bare but there are no life signs 
  4. Gigantic 12 ton alien monster is washed into the system. Its hungry 
  5. Parasites from beyond the Great Darkness come in cloud 1d3 light years long 
  6. Huge Chunks of alien ice are washed in system. They each contain strange life forms from beyond 
  7. A plasma storm follows in the wake of the witch & all communication is disrupted 
  8. Space Pirates from beyond come in black space craft roll 1d20 for number encountered 
  9. An Outer God is carried into the system & it hungers 
  10. Micro dimensional portals are deposited all over the system. Roll 1d10 for destination 
* The term witches has its origin Here
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  1. Another great encounter table. You're an endless font, man!

  2. I do try man I do try. More To come!


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