Friday, October 21, 2011

Freaky Friday - H.G. Giger & Role Playing In The Alien Universe

There's a new Alien book on the market called The Alien Vault  which seems to be getting some press on the internet these days. Its gotten me thinking about the Alien movies again. They seem to come out of the deep psycho sexual recesses of my brain from time to time. The only thing that grabs me more is H.G. Giger's work.
The official H.G. Giger website is right  Here
Everyone knows the story & has possibly seen the movie but really whats the best resource for actually doing a game set in this universe? My suggestion is to grab the D20 Alien book by Talon called Aliens Game Over
The book is one of the best resources & yeah its for D20 modern but man there's a ton of effort that's gone into this!
From his website :

Aliens: Game Over is a role-playing game set in the far future of exploration, where United Systems Military Marines venture forth to meet extremely hostile alien life forms...and kill them.
The future of Aliens: Game Over is bleak: megacorporations and mercenary companies run rampant. And yet there is an old world nobility about the Marines Corps, who still uphold the virtues of honor and loyalty. Perhaps most importantly, the Marine Corps has balls of titanium and is fearless in the face of any foe, human or otherwise.
Aliens: Game Over is a massive supplement for D20 Modern that contains 2 new races, 14 new occupations (including 8 corporations and 5 marine divisions), six new feats, new psionic powers, more equipment than you can shake an Armat M41A 10mm pulse-action air-cooled automatic assault rifle at (including the dreaded ATAX and HARDCore power armors), 14 new advanced classes, dozens of new worlds to explore, a mission generation system, and 28 new monsters. Did we mention lots of rules about Aliens?
Download it Here
While your there check out his other fan conversions, you won't be disappointed!

My other recommendation for doing this is a bit more unorthidox but it would be the Alien Fusion site Serena Dawn. Right down the line this place covers EVERYTHING from the movies to the novels & everything in between. Find all of this stuff
Right Here
Now for the actual roll playing experience I'd suggest using Mutant Future which will handle the whole thing pretty seamlessly. 
Oh the new book can be read about over Here
Personally I'd save my money & grab H.G. Giger's Alien Here which is pretty cheap for a used copy.
Even better grab a copy at your local library
The Neila, By Erol Otus


  1. Useful post - thanks. I've had it on my mind again too, and did some reassessing of the third film. It involved lots of watching and the making of. It blows me away what went into a movie in the old days. The worlds of Alien are great places for everything but living.

  2. I love the worlds of Alien but I would not want to live there at all. The design is however one of the coolest things ever! I've been going over the movies again myself & finding that they were very well done by compared to some of today's stuff! Light years ahead of their time! Thanks for the comment & the fantastic mention on your great blog!


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