Sunday, October 23, 2011

Storm Bringer Actual Play - I died! The Final Movement

So today I got the chance to play in my friend Larry's Stormbringer campaign. After some lovely fish & cigars we retired to the game room. 
The action was pretty fierce as we got back to the Young Kingdoms & the  party saw the first of the tigers as we exited the Crystal of Ages. 
We were surrounded by Pan Tangian Forces!

I wish that I could say that my character fought valiantly & gave a good account of himself or that Rat spit my demon sword drained the souls of a great many warriors. 
The truth was I died by arrow. Lots of them turning me into a pin cushion because last year my character had a brief affair with a Pan Tangian officer's wife! 
He's been dogging the party for months now.
I exited the crystal & the arrows flew. The dice were not kind at all.
Smack down & I'm a pin cushion! 
Already I'm thinking of another character because now the party is in chains on its way to Pan Tang!

The Crystal Of Ages lays unguarded & alone mourning eternity. 
All in all a rocking game! 


  1. Hmmm now my blog comments are getting eaten.
    Sounds like a fun game, I've never gotten the opportunity to play Stormbringer.

  2. Its a great game guys. Check it out over here
    Thanks for the comments. There will be more so stay tuned!

  3. Are you going to be a pin cushion for Halloween? Hope you're feeling better today. Thanks for the well wishes.

  4. I'm feeling much better today & thank you as well for the well wishes. Very busy but much better!

  5. or are you UNdead! sorry too many zombie movies on TV these days!

  6. Don't mind the smell man! ARRHH you weren't needing that brain were you? :)

  7. So many great movies. Love the old black and whites the best.

  8. I love the original Night Of The Living Dead Whisk! Hope your feeling better


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