Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sinbad Sunday

Its Sunday & its the day that I remind myself exactly how talented  Raymond Frederick Harryhausen was tour de force. Seriously this guy was everything to me as a kid.

Growing up in the 70s it was the Sinbad movies that were the whole world! Suddenly the afternoon movie would come on the cable box & I would hear the strains of  this:

Gone were the cares & worries of  the everyday & soon replaced by the cyclops,skeleton battles, & everything else in the picture!

The thing was there always seemed like another movie would play next weekend! Sinbad was battling the witch in the Eye Of The Tiger

Finally I back in the 70s I got to see on the big screen The Golden Voyage & forever more it was sheered into my mind. This weekend I'm watching all three back to back! 

So I hope your weekend is going as cool! Do yourself a favor & catch these awesome movies sometime! 


  1. Love those Sinbad films--particularly the two from the 70s.

  2. I do love all of them & I'm hoping to get all of these on DVD for Christmas! Thanks for the comment Trey! Stay Tuned More To Come!


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