Sunday, November 6, 2022

OSR Commentary On The Hostile Rpg & The Shoulder of Orion Military campaign- Session Report - Putting Down Roots

Our recent Hostile rpg "ended" when we established out colony world within the Tannhauser Gate hyperspace network about three weeks ago. Or has it?! The player's PC's are right at the moment getting a massive gas giant fuel operation going on the local gas giant. And we've got them exploring the other worlds within system. The warships are still on stand by. 

And the colonial frieghters are on standby. We're setting up air processors on several 'Shake & Bake' exoplanets within the system. But for us theres' definitely a sense of uneasiness here. The fact is that we've encountered other colonies where there shouldn't be any humans. We've dealt with several alien species especially the Giger Wasps which have been an especially nasty danger. And the gate system isn't fully explored but we've run outta of time in our exploration contract for the moment. Since I'm only the co DM on this venture there's been a ton of ideas that I've put asside to possibly run coming up within my own Hostile campaign. 

For me to extend this Hostile campaign this system might become the basis for a new sector coming up. We've been working together to get at least six of our players into a position to bring in some fresh blood. They'll be playing colonists being brought in on & this includes the frontier law. But first we've got to trot out the Colonial Freighters; "The Argosy has been designed to carry a varied mix of cargoes, from passengers to pallets cargo containers, out-sized industrial machinery, vehicles and various types of chemicals and fuels. It is able to land on a bare-rock landing pad and off-load its entire (and diverse) cargo where there are no port facilities. This 5,000-ton starship is fully deck-planned, and includes four variants, two scenario outlines and two new types of vehicles."
We're going to be moving in forces modeled on the Independence Games Hub Forces for the colonies. But there's risk of other mega corpate military or mercenary pirate operations.

And this is where the Gypsy ships will be providing wing support to these ships coming up! So the old players will be showing the new blood the ropes coming up! This all goes back to an idea I had with John Brunner's Shock Wave Rider book in which the communications or rope extends back to the Earth's megacorporations.

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