Sunday, November 27, 2022

A Piece of the Action - Cha'alt, Wretched Space, Wretched Flesh, and even LoFP's Carcosa As Adventurer, Conqueror, King Rpg Campaign Focus

 The head cold has been kicking my ass on Sunday. So with several game sessions cancelled I've been stuck in bed most of Sunday. But I've been thinking about a question that has been bugging me with Cha'alt, Wretched Space, Wretched Flesh, and even LoFP's Carcosa. 'What would happen upon Earth if these Lovecraftian interstellar locations were real', not so much common knowledge as specialty knowledge among the occult & corporate circles. Yes I do realize that these are completely gonzo locations. But taking them completely seriously has led to some interesting situations at the table top. The player's PC's are heavily involved in a Fury Race in last week's Cha'alt/Wretched Space campaign. Here's what's been happening the players are plotting to take over New Albuquerque. And the question came up last week. 

Back on Earth the realities of these Lovecraftian interstellar locations are mere rumor & myth except among the alien smoke filled taverns, the silent meeting places of occultists, and black cyberspace of some hackers. Carcosa is the world where the damned  & the lost end up. Cha'alt is an alien opportunity for some spacers & is mostly known only to spacers, the megacorporations, and the mad. The Earth of Wretched Space rpg is where these locations get talked about. That Earth is an rpg setting within it's own right however. What I've actually done is to dig out the  Adventurer, Conqeuror, King,rpg & the Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu  supplement specificially. The majority of the PC classes, rules, etc. allow me as a DM to get the machinery of a take over of certain Cha'alt locations into the works. 

The players want a piece of the action & their either going to get it or get killed taking that piece. There are however certain issues that have cropped up. Such as the fact that back on Earth several of the player's PC's interests will either increase or suffer as a result of such a take over. But what does this actually mean?! It means that certain locations are key to the business ventures & risks that they want to take such as having an alliance with the Santa Fe Starport. They done business there during several key events. And want to deal with the cult infecting New Albuquerque.
They are bound to get more then a few of the wastelander gangs under their banner to help ferment the first part of their plan. Their current Blackguard space pirate adventurers group has more then the numbers to help them pull this off. 
The two gladiators that we've got in the party have migrated from being straight up warriors to being psionic warriors who have gotten augmented with psychic drug treatments. The Blackguard have also cleared several minor dungeons giving them a taste for treasure, women, and pillaging. Make no mistake this is an 'adult' campaign even though our youngest player is twenty nine. She is far more vicious then the older more experience players I've found. The players may take over New Albuquerque but after doing research into chaos with a capital 'C' in ACK's. It's my determination that beastmen with a wide variety of mutations are going to be in the player's future. 

Wretched Flesh & Wretched Space both offer several PC options such as psionics & ritual magick & more that is perfect to slot into Cha'alt & BCK. The weird mutants & more within the Wretch rpg line has been a Lovecraftian god sent in a way. Thus  allowing me to keep the B/X D&D vibe while using the  OSR creations of the Red Room. 

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