Tuesday, November 15, 2022

OSR Commentary - Relics of the Akashics By Matthew Skail From DYS Games For The White Star Rpg

 "Over a thousand years ago, there was a great empire among the stars. Both bright and terrible, the Akashic Empire spread its tendrils through hundreds of worlds, crushing native resistance and using their psychic powers to enslave entire races. Led by a humanish race called the Vren."

"The Akashics believed in the existence of the Akashic Overmind, a force connecting all sentient species capable of thought. Unfortunately, this did not lead to a sense of community with their fellow species but instead it led to a righteous belief in the superiority of innately psionic races, themselves in particular. "

This blog post is going to pick up right from last night's Los Farport's entry here. 

This morning about four A.M. I was looking over the archives & making decisions about this Hyperborea rpg third edition campaign. Going over this thread on 'First Impressions of the Hyperborea rpg' here.  The author does make some interesting points & for the most part I sorta agree & on others not so much. In the past I've used 2nd edition AS&SH to run a Weird Tales style  Old Solar system campaign. 
And going over our notes there was a particular note on 
Relics of the Akashics By Matthew Skail for the White Star rpg but it could easily be used with the White Star Galaxy edition rpg as well. And doing further research began wondering if White Star's psionic system could be added on to the  Hyperborea rpg?! And please save the emails & notes screaming at me that it's not necessary in the slightest. Why is it not necessary?! Because psionics is there slotted sorta into the spells of Hyperborea rpg. So why even bother with Relics of the Akaschics then?! There are several reasons for this. One the Vren were mentioned way back in our Weird Tales style Old Solar system campaign. Players have found Vren artifacts in the past & they pawned them very quickly. 
Third the Vren's psionic ghosts  have had interactions before with player's PC's in other Hyperborea rpg games. DM Steve himself has used Relics from the Akashics because of the following; "
Destroyed after a long and ferocious war, the Vren's creations still linger on many worlds or in the void of space. This book unlocks their secrets. Within its pages you will find:

8 New Deadly Weapons
4 New Potent Armors
10 Celestial Treasures, generic items (one of which has 11 sub-varieties)
1 New Creature
3 New Ships

Also included is an appendix on how to use the book without psionics or in fantasy games."

The players have been very paranoid about psionic artifacts showing up within our campaign which is reason enough for me to use them. Looking at Hyperborea itself there's enough evidence of space faring races in the 'official' adventures & material. But in Los Farport there are Vren psionic mystery cults in plain sight. No one really thinks anything of them. But the Askashic's legacy lives on & their influence on civilized society is pretty solid. 
But just how far do we want to take it?! That's going to depend upon the players coming up. 

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