Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Review & Commentary On 'Weird Romance' By Steve Miller, Steve Ditko, Howard Nostrand, Samm Schwartz, Joe Beck, Basil Wolverton From Nulow Games


... but so is fear and laughter in this collection of off-center comics shorts by legendary talents such as Steve Ditko, Dick Giordano, Samm Schwartz, Basil Wolverton, and others!" 

"Weird Romance is a collection of romance-tinged humor, horror, and undefinably fantastic stories from the creators who helped build the foundation upon which the comics we know and love today stand. Whether you want escape from from the romantic sap of certain holidays, or if you're interested in studying rarely seen work from great creators, this is the book for you!"

Weird Romance is definitely the book for me combined pre code public domain horror stories with Steve Miller of Nulow Games hand at bringing Weird Romances to life for your old scool games. This is a forty two page book of romance, horror, and romance horror stories done by some the classic greats Steve Ditko, Howard Nostrand, Samm Schwartz, Joe Beck, & Basil Wolverton. So you know the comics are going to be solid & good. 
And they are with a new system agnoistic horror & romance themed system that Steve Miller has developed as 
an all-new universal roleplaying game aid. And it actually does work for developing fast & dirty adventure plot points. Adventure points that have a horrific & deadly romance aspect to them. And the comic book stories highlight how this system could & should actually be used. 

Where could Weird Romance actually be used for OSR games?! The first one that springs to mind is actually the Wretchploitation rpg.  One of the PC's get's him or herself caught up in a deadly romanctic triangle and only the other player's PC's can get hime or her out! 

Weird Romance could also be used with the Marvel Super Heroes rpg easily. With so many monsters, vampires, etc. The implications for romantic entanglements with things of the 'other realms' is a pretty easy fit for an evening's entertainment & adventure. 

Could Weird Romance be used for OSR or Dungeons & Dragons style games?! 
Certainly without question. Roll up a romance of horror or sci fi for your favorite retroclone & go. Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg instantly springs to mind here. 

And if you want real complications for your Adventurer,Conqueror, King rpg domain game?! Well what happens when your betrothed isn't quite what you thought she was?! Could the prince in the oven actually be a monster waiting to be unleashed on your kingdom?! And what about Castles & Crusades?! The PC's new romantic interest turns out to be something unexpected & highly dangerous?! It's happened in various campaigns we've played in. 

All in all Weird Romance is a nice little romp of system agnoistic weirdness that will be of us coming up for us! 

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